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  • M. Weekley - However...

    This version of Office doesn't have as many of the fonts I am accustomed to & many of the fonts it does have look too much the same. I preferred the variety of fonts in earlier versions. Also, when I send older documents to my laptop with Office Pro 2010, the fonts are changed & the effect of my documents for publication is compromised. I have yet to find this version easier to use; am still getting accustomed to it after 2 years.

  • Johnny - Don't waste your time

    Couldn't get past the first half. Wasn't exactly low budget, many locations/houses/bars, etc., and a bunch of actors, but just sucked. Bad movie, bad actors.

  • burrtotheitknee - Another good read

    As a fan of Bella's other books I was excited to read something new and outside of her usual "Shade of Vampire" world. I was a little unsure about the title since it completely reminded me of the oh so popular Hunger Games, but this story was completely different from that.

  • Chet S. Ross - Netgear Orbi Does the Job

    For the first time I have WIFIi throughout my house and garage. The Orbi system was easy to set up (as advertised) and broadcast a strong WIFI signal with a single SSID everywhere in my single-level house.

  • Sonny - The good ole days!

    This is a wonderful DVD of people who i grew up listening to. Love it! Ringo still can't sing a lick but his energy is wonderful to see! It is an all-star cast of players.

  • M. Avery - Nope. No good. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!! PLEASE!!

    I have had it about 2 weeks now. Every 2 days, I have to reboot and reset up the unit. It is completely unacceptable. I use it as a range extender. I have 2 computers that rely on its connection and spending 15 minutes every 2 days to reboot and set up the connection is NOT okay.