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  • Kimberly Levy - This product is a scam

    Just a scam and did nothing for me. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It is just a vitamin suppliment

  • Bryan Radcliffe - Thinking much clearer than before

    I wanted to feel smarter and have a clearer mind. I really wanted something to make me think harder. I was looking for a little something to improve my focus and help me study better. I bought these brain supplements because I thought a lot about how our brain works and know how important it is to take care of. I know that our brain cells continue to die more and more as we get older, and at a much faster rate with older age. So I was looking for something to boost the brain activity and give it sort of an exercise so to speak. Something to help me focus and think a lot clearer. I am not getting any younger, but I know the more active our minds are, the less chance of developing age related brain problems in the future. That being said, I went ahead and ordered them and they got here in two days.

  • Rachael - sent me the wrong phone

    I bought this phone as a D910a but after toying around with the phone I noticed I was only having 1g with my T-Mobile sim card. I thought maybe it was because I put it in the wrong sim holder but after going through the settings I was sold a D910i.

  • Eddie Hunnell - Leapad Review

    I was very disappointed with 1 aspect of this device. It is very slow. I thought it was a brand new model. As such I expected decent response. Instead, every screen takes forever to load. It acts like it has a 5 - 8 year old processor in it with modern software (ie hardware that can not keep up with the software). Speed must be increased.

  • Ruth - Auto desk customer service does not exist

    After installing autoCAD LT I noticed it would crash when I use the hatching. I have tried to contact auto desk but they have yet to answer my calls to fix the issue. ( if you are reading this auto desk, post a phone number where a real person answers )

  • margie - Don't waste your money..

    Please save your money. This is the biggest waste of 200.00, the company should be ashamed... They never inform you when you buy this, that you are committed to a lifetime of purchasing the gel pads, which only last 2or 3 sessions.. And the worst part, is that it is uncomfortable, annoying and doesn't work...by the time I found this out, it was too late to return..now I am stuck with a 200.00 piece of nothing that I will not continue to use, because I am not buying anymore gel pads...terrible terrible product...