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  • Cindy K. Spears - NEVR-DULL ~ THE BEST EVER!

    I have used Nevr-Dull for years. I am in the antique business and this is absolutely THE BEST to use for polishing silver and cleaning jewelry. It leaves no paste or residue in the tiny crevices of jewelry since it is a wadding material much like soft cotton. You tear off a tiny piece or whatever size you need so there is no waste. There is a lot in a can so one can lasts a long time for me. It has proven safe for everything I have used it on (it says don't use on lacquer)and it works quickly and easily. I LOVE this product and will always use it. Makes my job SO much easier!

  • Joseph May - Use to tether to my Goal Zero Yeti 400

    I'm using this to house my 12v 33ah rechargeable battery that I tether to my Yeti 400 goal zero. Works surprisingly well. Use the external positive and negative connectors for my charging pigtail that connects to a battery tinder. Everybody should have one of these. Easy to transport. Cigarette lighter and USB charging is nice as well. Good purchase!

  • jackie - [...]

    If there ever was a miracle pill ... here it is. I am my best self since starting juice plus. I loved it so much i decided to tell the world about it.

  • Maturity - Another great Longmire

    Craig Johnson has another highly readable winner! I really enjoyed learning about the Hulett biker event which he wove into the story.


    I bought my first jar of bareMinerals from Sephora and LOVED it. When I ran out I found it here on Amazon for less and jumped at the chance to buy my favorite foundation inexpensively.

  • Justin Carlson - Neat idea, but not enough exercise and community features to justify getting over competing products

    I like the moov approach for workout activity rather than just counting steps throughout the day. The walking app is a neat idea but it talks too much, even when changing the setting to talk less. The biking app works good, but so do other biking apps. The 10 minute workouts are a neat idea and kind off work, but just aren't motivating enough or flexible enough (like if you wanted to add more reps of a certain exercise).

  • Alicia Bacock - I ordered this from a different vendor the first time ...

    I ordered this from a different vendor the first time. Ordering from Amazon saved me money but the quality of product isn't the same. This is more watery. It still works but the results take an extra application. ( I apply directly to breakout overnight. I do not use as a mask). I will order again but I think from the first vendor.