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  • David Boothe - Delivery was quick and am satisfied with the product

    Delivery was quick and am satisfied with the product. The only problem I have is that it almost doesn't fit all the way around and I don't have a large head. They should make it in longer lengths. Other than that it has worked very well.

  • Old Unc - Great guitar

    Great guitar; semi- great price. Coming from 40 odd years of playing a classical exclusively, playability of electrics is seldom much of a question with me, but I must say this is very comfortable. I have been playing primarily an Epiphone Les Paul, tricked out with a Gibson 490R/498T pickup set and Grover Deluxe tuners (total cost something like $750), and I must say I would have difficulty deciding between the two. The basic woodwork/finishing on both is excellent (I haven't taken it out in the sun to look for ripples in the finish- don't really care that much). The Epiphone has binding for the neck, whereas this doesn't, but the finish of the fret ends is perfect, and seeing them there is kind of comforting to a Classical guy. The general absence of bindings and inlays is a huge improvement to me, I really don't like all that stuff when it can be avoided, and it serves little real purpose on a solid body guitar. The zero nut is great- it really makes more sense to me than the traditional sort of nut, both sonically and from a builder's (I dabble) viewpoint. The tuners work very well so far, and they are undeniably kind of cool, but I may live to regret them. For one thing, there's 30 pages of manual (on line in PDF), filled with endless sequences of buttons to push for various reasons, that I will never remember. Basic tuning in standard pitch, however, is very simple. Also, I gather from the literature that comes with it that they are not simple to work on, and repairs are likely to have to be done by Gibson. Fortunately, they work very well as manual tuners. As far as playability, I can only say that so far I find myself regularly exceeding the amount of playing time advisable for my arthritic old hands.

  • Cade A Stombaugh - Great buy

    Looks so much better than the factory full length antenna and may actually work better. Great after market switch!

  • Quality review - Solid kitchen staple, gluten free

    This was a fantastic buy in early 2013 at $16.00 plus a couple for shipping. Great tasting products, as close to home-made as you can get, and gluten free! I hope the current price of $29.00 drops to make it affordable again.

  • Jaylinn - They don't tell you something

    This is a fun game. It really is. But they never said that you had to pay for a few songs. On the list, it says a few are included but they were not included, I had to pay extra (about 2 dollars per song) for three songs that were said to be included. So, that was a disappointed, not a big deal but they should tell you that you need to purchase the other songs. I had gotten this game for those songs so to pay for the game and those songs not be included, was disappointing. After I bought the songs I wanted, it was more of a good time and I really enjoy dancing so this is a great game just for that. Personally when I hear a song I can make a dance in my head which are different that what is really on the game because these dances are fairly easy. I am very thrilled that I found this game on here for much cheaper than in store which was a nice surprise. Overall, I am pleased.

  • Mike Johnson - My Favorite Wallet Case Ever!

    Possibly the best phone case I have ever owned. I've been a wallet case man for several years and there's nothing like the feeling of having everything you need in one place. Prior to this, I always had to check my for my old leather wallet and it was always a pain. Noe, I grab the phone and I'm out the door.

  • Kindred_Heart - My go to conditioner

    I have used this conditioner for a while and I love it. It works well when used regularly and sometimes I will even mix some in with raw shea butter. This is the only thing that I will use in mine and my children's hair.