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  • Kopaka Nuva - This is a really great game despite what others say

    This is a really fun game. After completing the first mission of getting the donuts you are free to explore and do whatever you want in the first part of the city. I spent over an hour driving around building buildings and finding new cars and costumes. It was really funny watching the construction vehicles go off the jump. I felt it was like a good guy version of Grand Theft Auto with Legos.

  • M. Fernandez - Great new sound

    By far best Gaga ever! Have always been a HUGE fan long before she become the phenomenon she is now. And her evolution has always been positive and good. But this feels more authentic and raw and real. Haven't found a song I don't like. Its definitely a change compared to previous sounds but in a positive way. Almost country or folkish but still very rock and pop. Well done and relatable.

  • Gary - Good as pain/muscle relief.

    Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief - I m not sure how well this is for cellulite but as a muscle/pain relief it is really good. My knee have been hurting, this is from a couple of challenging hike this last weekend. I decided to give this item a try as a pain reliever. It goes on smooth and easy, almost immediately it starts to heat up. If feels like other muscle cream but without the medicine smell. Just one use my knee was felling better. I will leave the cellulite testing for my wife. But for now it works good as a pain releif cream.

  • DRYWASHER-BILL - great generator when you're far from a wall plug

    I was using a 3500-W generator when it decided to take a powder. As soon as I got off the line, the dealer was calling to see how the delivery was going, and so on. It was shipped and delivered to me 2 days prior to the promised shipping date. The generator had a few assembly quirks, and really small screws. Nuts that required someone with a working brain (not me) to figure it out. Like almost anything in the modern age, it pays to have some ten year old kid standing around waiting for a bribe of candy bars or something, and they get right on it!!

  • Michael - LOVE the Amazon deals...

    I live in a 'food desert' out in Queens, NY and stuff like the juice deal is a freggin' GOD SEND !!!

  • Kristen Norris - Ready for a Road Trip

    If you are like me, then you have read your fair share of car seat reviews, visited several blogs, visited a baby store or two and have probably narrowed down the field to a few car seats. My field was narrowed down to this and the Britax Advocate. I bought this seat for my 8 month old daughter that is outgrowing her Graco Snugride 35 LX and the deciding factors (other than safety) were comfort and color. Not color because I worried about matching my car interior, but the fact I live in the deep, humid, hot south and just the thought of strapping my baby in a BLACK car seat in the middle of summer makes me sweat. So I give Maxi-Cosi 5 stars for the light Brown Earth color. We are planning a 12-hour road trip soon, so comfort was important too. Britax lacked the lighter color option and the seat did not seem to be as cushy or have the amount of head support for a sleeping baby. Installation was easy. I opted to install it using my seatbelt instead of the latch method. It took me about 10 minutes and it was tight and secure with little-to-no wobble or movement. My only issue with installation is only having three recline positions, and only two recline position for rear facing. I ended up on level 3 to keep it as level with the ground, but it is definitely not allowing my front driver seat in my 2013 Honda Accord to accommodate my husband any longer. I will give comfort 4 stars out of some disappointment. I did find it necessary to remove the nice cushion from around the crotch buckle (since you MUST have it in the 1st or 2nd slot for rear facing). It was either that or remove the extra seat cushion as I could not find a happy medium with the correct harness tightness and being able to buckle it without causing tears from my daughter and frustration for myself. I opted to keep the seat cushion for our long road trip and as she grows we may add the crotch buckle cushion back when we can move it to the third slot or not have the need for extra seat cushion. The super sized headwings are perfect for sleeping (and protection). As with most car seats there is some difficulty with releasing the crotch buckle as well as the chest clip...but that just ensures me that my little one will not be easily freeing herself as I drive down the highway. Overall I am pleased and hope time proves this was the right choice.