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  • http://anagenresearch.com/company.html ANAGEN RESEARCH | About - Anagen Research is an industry leader in hair care innovation and technology – Addressing hair care concerns like thinning and loss, regrowth and graying.
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  • Victoria J. Faust - Yes, it has a slight (medicine-ey?) If that's a word Smell....But Wonderful

    I love this stuff, that and Purity Made Simple. That smells a little like Medicine also, but I think that the line was first made for people with skin problems and eventually made it to regular old ladies (55 soon) But it is great for all ages. I am just one of those people that was blessed with skin that took awhile to show wrinkles. I started with the line 4 years ago and have been very happy with 95% of the products. Some things just don't work for everyone.

  • Mark Herbertt - Enjoyable and well written

    This has all been done before to some degree but it's a solid and engaging story and is well written. No female characters at all ? Unusual and likely to lessen its appeal to 50% of the English-reading people on the planet perhaps?

  • Joshua B Pate - Buy ON Natural Whey if you like to be sick

    All I can say is "terrible". Let's start with the bad, since that's basically what this product is.

  • Mariposa - Biosilk is a great, unless it's a fake!

    I've been using this product for about 10 years. This is the first time I've ordered it through Amazon. I completely agree with the reviewers that gave it one star. The product you'll be getting is watered down Biosilk! I would be totally turned off by this product had this been my first exposure. The scent is off and it reeks of alcohol, this is not Biosilk! Buy it from a reputable salon. Biosilk comes with a BluePrint "Pull Here" on top of the silver seal, this product does not. If you're a long time Biosilk user, do not waste your time; if this your first time ordering, just know that you're probably getting a copycat. You will notice it as soon as you start pouring it onto your hands. The liquid will be very runny, as the alcohol will start pouring out first-Biosilk does not do this.

  • Ethan - Solid all around!

    The case feels premium and solid. Fits my iPhone 7 Plus very snug, and holds my credit card/debit card/driver's license easily, with 1 more card pushing it, but still working alright. I'm not a fan of the "folio" style wallet cases, so this is the perfect alternative, since it completely seals the cards into the back of the phone with the magnetic flap. The iPad Smart Cover-esque kickstand is super convenient as well.

  • Jay Kime - "Shameless as always"

    "Shameless" What can I say, this series NEVER disappoints! I have never missed an episode and must say its a toss up between this show and Ray Donovan as to which is my favorite! If I did have to pick I would HAVE to go with Shameless, Frank beats Ray, but it a good fight!