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  • Rose DesRochers - a new way of learning how to ride a bike.

    It is a small, light weight bike and the saddle is set low so children can reach the ground with their feet.

  • John Reilly - Concise classic

    I had used this i high school, and wanted to brush up. This is not a style manual like MLA, but rather general guidelines for vigorous, clear writing. This is a very short book, and is full of rules that you will remember, and use.

  • sean coultas - ... we receive all types of weathers…and these mats are great at keeping the sand

    Living in the Midwest we receive all types of weathers…and these mats are great at keeping the sand, dirt, wood chips, snow, salt, and other muck out of the carpet. I would recommend these mats for any family.

  • Data Dork - just what i was looking for

    Perfect! These are exactly the same as the ones you get when you order checks -- except a lot cheaper than ordering checks! I hardly ever write paper checks, but I use the transaction registers to balance my account. So it is very frustrating to have to spend $20 or more for checks I don't need just to get a couple of blank transaction registers. Thanks so much for selling these! I will order them again when I run out.

  • Amazon Customer - An album even Oldies would Love!

    This is such an unexpectedly good album! I didn't know what to expect from Ms. GAGA but I am happy to say this album will be played in my house a lot when my teen grandkids visit. I love her collaboration with Tony. This lady has a phenomenal voice more than that Rarara music. I saw her tribute performances to the Sound of Music, Nile Rodgers, her song with Diane Warren and Joanne has a little bit of all of them. I am happy that she gets to show this off in this record! What a pleasant and unexpected album!

  • RFurnival - This is a nice piece that does a great job protecting my bumper ...

    This is a nice piece that does a great job protecting my bumper cover when I load music gear and other heavy items. I would have given five stars, but for the adhesive strips that attach it to the car. There is a significant gap that does not in any way show up, but it does trap a lot of dust. A small issue, but still not perfect.

  • Bajan Chick - Don't buy it

    Well I bought this Gazelle just over a year ago. I wanted something cheap but I definitely got what I paid for. I liked the work outs..I was really overweight (though much less than the max 250 lbs) and just beginning an exercise program and needed very low impact.Well that it resistance at all. But I liked just going and going for about 2 hours and at least getting the heart rate up.I could not wear sneakers with the pedals since they kept slipping off dangerously so I did it barefoot which really hurt my soles and made them numb. I figured it was just me and the type of shoes I was trying to wear.Then there was also an immediate and loud squeak that my neighbours used to complain about and which no amount of lube or WD 40 would fix.But I needed to lose weight so I kept on going till one day,the metal attachment for the cable just popped...while I was gliding. Needless to say,a rather nasty fall happened and I hurt my ankle and foot. Now it is a rather expensive clothes rack just sitting there. My up to buy a proper elliptical and give this product a miss.