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  • JohanP - They work

    I love this product, I havent weight my self yet but I know i lost inches... I bought a dress size 10 for a wedding knowing I was a size 12 but i felt I could loose the (freshly put on baby weight). I tried for 6 months with phentermine and nothing. Finally a friend told me about this pills about a month ago and wedding is this sunday and I fit on my dress. I have been drinking more water, I havent been as hungry and sometime I get little burst of energy but it goes away pretty fast. so far happy with my purchase

  • Meredith Dunnington - I would have to say that I don't absolutely love this product but I don't hate it either

    I ended up receiving this during a big week at work which is convenient as I have been in need for caffeine! I would have to say that I don't absolutely love this product but I don't hate it either. You most certainly need to make sure you add this to a coffee or juice or anything with flavor. It's pretty gross if you just add it to water (will literally only taste like sugar water). It was pretty mild overall. I tried this with my guava juice which didn't hinder the taste. I would say this is def more of the equivalent to half a cup of coffee... Then again this is just my opinion and is subjective as I'm not sure if tolerance has a part to play. I have used this product a few times thus far and it's a nice and safe pick me up without having to worry about chemically enhanced sugar (as it uses Stevia). Of course, there is mention on the packaging that this product has not been evaluated by the FDA- if that is something that is important to you. I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. I'd give it a higher rated if I was one to use Crystal Light packets often or enjoys adding a "kick" to my drinks that are more subtle. I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my opinion.

  • mama - Compact and nice for travel

    Purchased this as a 2nd stroller for international travel. Love how it folds and opens very easy. The wheels could be improved to make for a less bumpy ride. I find the stroller very easy to tip over (with or without baby). A huge plus that made me choose this lightweight stroller over other brands/models is because the seat almost lays flat.

  • blueboomerang - I might be inclined to purchase this product again simply for the moisturizing effect--it is better than most other facial cream

    I have been using Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology for 17 days. I have skin allergies, aging, acne prone, and very sensitive skin, and this product did not have an odor or irritate my skin in any way. It is extremely moisturizing. Because I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review, I was required to evaluate the cream after only 2 weeks of use. Not surprisingly, I did not notice any change or improvement in my acne scars during this 2 week period--nor would I expect to. Scar softening, fading, removal creams need to be used consistently for 4-6 months to produce a recognizable effect, and I had a time limit of 2 weeks. All I can honestly say is that this cream was extremely moisturizing, more so than other moisturizers I have tried. I also did not experience any negative side effects from using it. I plan to continue using the cream because it is noticably moisturizing--I was surprized by the immediate visible difference in my skin! With continued use, I would hope there might be some real scar treatment effect further down the line. I might be inclined to purchase this product again simply for the moisturizing effect--it is better than most other facial creams I have ever tried--and I was surprized by this. I have tried many, and many with poor results because of my highly sensitive skin. I highly recommend this cream as a moisturizer for sensitive skin. I will have to wait awhile to see if it has any impact on my acne scars; that is why I am giving it a rating of 3 stars. That being said, I probably would not choose to purchase this Acne Scar Cream at the regular price for scar treatment alone, because I think the price is kind of high. Rather, I would probably choose to purchase a scar treatment cream by better known manufacturers, such as Mederma, that have a long-term history of results and can be found at a lower price. I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.