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  • Carol Stepp - I would definately recommend this product

    I paid $100.00 for this full price at a tanning salon, I just loved it, it made your skin so soft and your tan looked natural. Would definately recommend this product.

  • Carl H - shop around

    Not happy with this antivirus at all. Webroot filtering extension on chrome browser has significantly slowed down computer to point that I feel I am on 33.3k dial up modem from early 1990's. The company says there is new beta being tested that they hope will resolve issue. As I continued to research this matter I saw the year before (end of 2013) there were similar problem and they also spun it by saying a new beta would be out soon. Look it either works correctly or it doesn't. If company continually needs to release betas to fix the previous problem then there is flaw in core program.

  • vanessamichelle - ADDICTED !

    Oh my goodness this is an addiction! This is the best lotion ever... not just because you feel your skin get firmer, but it just smells so good and hidrates your skin. I also use the scrub and the fatgirlsleep because they make your skin feel smoothe, plus the night cream smells like lavender. Definetly worth it, all my girlfriends have bought it and love it too. :

  • Robert - Not bad for the price!

    I bought a used 50" Seiki TV from a local pawn shop over the weekend. I didn't recognize the brand so I was a very skeptical about getting it. I looked at other tv's there, LG, Sony, etc. I was all ready to buy the LG tv that was next to the Seiki but I noticed the picture quality on the Seiki was so much better than the other tv's. The sales clerk talked me into getting the Seiki. I absolutely love the picture quality on this tv. It is a used Seiki that was manufactured in August of 2012. Reading the reviews here makes me a little nervous but considering the tv is now over a year old and still works great, I think I can rest a little easier. My only complaint with this TV is the sound quality is very poor. Sounds like its coming out of a tin can. I connected a set of external pc surround sound speakers and it sounds great however the volume controls don't work for external sound. So now I have to move my stereo receiver into the living room in order to control the volume on the external speakers. Other than that I love this tv.

  • Lea Martinez - feel the burn

    I have taken other fat burners before, But it is not hard to swallow which is a good thing. I have taken these every day over the past few days, I feel no different but I know from previous experience you wont be able to tell the difference but see the difference. I cant wait to see the difference after taking these. I have heard nothing but good things about this company and very excited to see where it takes me on my Journey.I have felt a little less hungry so lets hope it keeps it up....

  • TruthSeeker - Highly recommended.

    Really like this grinder... size... adjustability... low noise (comparatively speaking). I even like the small coffee holding bin (about two grinds of 10 cups). The plastic post-grind receptacle is less static susceptible and messy than another low priced grinder I've used... and a few taps seems to free most of the coffee sticking to the sides.

  • OutaTown - Very Fast and we love it.

    My wife is waiting for grand kids, but for now the nephew will do. He's a strong little dude and was too much action for a booster chair or stack of phone books. this this clamps down on the table or counter top. It's high quality that will fit in a dresser draw. perfect for travel, sleepovers or for old folks like us that only feed kids part-time at our house.