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Arlington Podiatrist | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Arlington Foot & Ankle offers a variety of podiatric services while specializing in the treatment of injuries related to running and endurance sports.

  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/appointment-request/ Appointment Request | Arlington Foot & Ankle - If you have a foot problem, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Pearl of Arlington Foot & Ankle, where the patient comes first.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/doctor/dr-ben-pearl/ Dr. Ben Pearl | Arlington Foot & Ankle - A ten year resident of Arlington, Virginia, Dr. Ben Pearl has been a practicing physician in the Arlington and McLean area since 1992.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/the-practice/ About the Practice | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Our office strives to give our patients the time and attention they deserve. We treat our patients as a whole person – not just your feet.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/community-service/ Podiatry Community Service | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Standing on the viewing platform of the World Trade Center site, I was not prepared for the emotions I experienced nearly six months after the devastation.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/treatments/ Podiatry Treatments | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Dr. Ben Pearl offers the most up to date, innovative products and procedures for the treatment of a variety of foot and ankle conditions.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/term/bunion-surgery/ Bunion Surgery | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Be sure to choose an experienced podiatrist or surgeon skilled specifically in bunion surgery due to the complexity of the procedure.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/term/fractures/ Foot Fractures | Arlington Foot & Ankle - General foot fractures travel into the bone beyond its surface and can be stable or displaced, as well as closed or open.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/laser-nail-and-wart-treatment/ Laser Nail Treatment | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Laser treatments for injuries may be as few as one to two sessions or require several depending on the depth and degree of the injury.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/alloshield-2/ Regenerative Medicine | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Rich with the basic components necessary for tissue regeneration, AlloShield provides a protective matrix that reduces scarring and adhesions.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/shock-wave-therapy-2/ Shockwave Therapy For Foot Pain | Arlington Foot & Ankle - EPAT, also known as Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), is an FDA approved, highly effective, non-surgical treatment for acute and chronic heel pain.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/keryflex-nail-restoration-system/ KeryFlex Nail Restoration | Arlington Foot & Ankle - KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a safe, nonsystemic in-office application that restores the appearance of patient’s natural nails.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/patient-products-available/ Patient Podiatry Products | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Here, you can find a list of all of the wonderful podiatry products we offer at our office ranging from nail products to compression sleeves.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/new-patient-forms/ New Patient Portal | Arlington Foot & Ankle - As a podiatrist and running injury specialist, Dr. Ben Pearl of Arlington Foot & Ankle provides excellent foot care to people of all ages.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/intrinsic-foot-exercises/ Intrinsic Foot Exercises | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Learn about some foot exercises that will help to strengthen certain parts of your foot and exercises that help to reduce injury.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/articles/ Podiatry Blog | Doc for Jocks | Arlington Foot & Ankle - If you are interested in learning more about the podiatry world including celebrity injuries, common conditions, and much more, check out our blog!
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/running-injury-clinic/ The Running Clinic | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Specializing in the evaluation and treatment of injuries related to running and endurance sports such as triathlon, swimming, Nordic skiing and cycling.
  • http://arlingtonfootandankle.com/digital-x-rays-diagnostic-ultrasound/ Digital X-rays & Diagnostic Ultrasound | Arlington Foot & Ankle - Digital X-rays will show the bone structure better, but will not show you fascia composition, tearing, fat degeneration and muscle swelling.

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  • Ed Brussa - Jimmy Eat World Never Disappoints!

    Following the formula started with 1999's Clarity like clockwork, Jimmy Eat World's Integrity Blues comes 3 years after the band's last and more immediately appealing effort, Damage. Just like every other Jimmy record in the past 17 years (Invented, Futures, Clarity) this one finds the band taking a more experimental approach to their craft, and while Damage shined with cleaner production and tried-and-true formulas (the way Chase this Light and Bleed American did), Blues glows thanks to the unexpected turns found along the way, not only from song to song but even within a single track (Pass the Baby is a prime example of this). Just like the closer Pol Roger (another incredible epic piece in the same spirit as Mixtape, 23, and Goodby Sky Harbor), this album is so engaging that it feels shorter than it actually is, and it grows on you with each listen. The sound is very fresh, combining elements of modern rock and subtle electronic arrangements with throwback 90's indie rock flair (the guitar on Sure and Certain brings Heatmiser and Joe Christmas to mind immediately). Lyrically and conceptually this is probably the most mature effort the band has completed and I believe this one will not only appease older and longtime fans like myself, but it will garner these Arizonans a new generation of followers.

  • T Faley - Fantastic resource on all things Social Security!!!

    This is a great book that covers everything you need to know about Social Security. As a Certified Financial Planner, I have referenced this book numerous times to help plan with my clients. The book is written in easy to understand language and covers pretty much anything you need to know. He uses great examples and provides many links to additional resources. This is a must have for anyone in the financial services industry or anyone who wants to truly maximize and understand their benefits.

  • Dana Jones - Not For Fine Hair

    I originally bought this product because it is supposed to help dry and damaged hair. It may but it is NOT designed for fine hair.

  • Bluenycom - Differential fluid for my S2000

    I have used this on my 2002 S2000 since I bought the car in 2002. This is the 3rd time I have used this. It's been working great. In fact, the old fluid still looked pretty good. First time buying from Amazon. S2000 only needs one bottle.

  • Segundo - A MUST BUY!!!

    This latest Album from Lady Gaga is very Unique. It's very very Different from "Art Pop" + "Born This Way" + "The Fame Monster" & "The Fame". It has a Combination of Pop, Club beat, Classical, `60s, & Carnival beat. Nice blend between different Genres.

  • Bob Jacoby - I feel like this happens every summer from people constantly going in ...

    I have been seeing some bugs such as flys and ants coming in my laundry room sometimes. I feel like this happens every summer from people constantly going in and out and during the parties the door is always open. So when I saw that I could receive this product at a discounted rate for an honest review I figured I would give it a try. Honestly I was skeptical at first because I never hard of such a thing. I had asked a couple friends about it and they have used them. So I do not have any experience in being able to compare it to others like it but I plugged it in and have been using it and so far I have not seen any bugs! What an easy fix!