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  • Jerry G - Don't even wet it, just forget it.

    I've been using and tracking this stuff for the last four years, which should tell you just how hopeful I was that it would actually do something.

  • Leddy - Great mask at a remarkable price!

    This is one of the best mud masks that I've ever tried, and man have I tried quite a few. I even like it better than the Glow Mud Mask (gasp). I've been using this one exclusively for about two months now, once every ten days. I saw results immediately: my skin felt softer and looked healthy, my pores shrunk tremendously, and the best part is that I didn't feel like it took every bit of life out of my face- a problem I have with most mud/clay masks. And the effects of the mask last longer with every use. The only reason I gave it four stars is because, if It's too hot out, it'll dry unevenly. It's not good to leave these kinds of masks on after the recommended time because it could cause the opposite effect (drier skin that feels uncomfortable, and/or a sallow look to the skin). So if you're using this mask in the summer, just put it on in a room that's cool & comfortable. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this.

  • Kristal - This is my 16 year old son's favorite invention ever!

    Living in a house with two women with long, thick hair, my son was haunted by gobs of our hair in the shower on a daily basis. Other hair-catching drain plugs were messy and gross and I still had to pull sneaky hairs out of the drain every day. My son was so repulsed, his solution had been to barely touch the plug and fling it across the bathroom while trying not to gag. This little bugger is a perfect fit in our drain. It is rubber and soft and can stay put for a long time before cleaning it. The hair winds around the unit and collects at the bottom, out of sight, out of mind; all the while allowing water to pass through the holes freely. My son doesn't have to see the hair nor touch the drain at all, and I don't have to search for it in my bathroom when I shower. I just pull it out and wipe it off with a paper towel whenever I think of it and everybody's happy. The material is such that I can see this product lasting a long time.

  • wayne hurtado - therefore i have to give it a very good rating

    This is a reference book very dry, but that is the kind of book i wanted and needed,therefore i have to give it a very good rating

  • Alix V - Works for me

    I'm a huge fan of joe and heard him talk about it on his pod cast a few times. Figured I would try it out and I'm pleasantly surprised. Even though I'm a fan I still am writing an honest review. With that being said unlike most people my dreams don't improve but my thinking process is a bit sharper like after having a cup of coffe when the rush fades and you think clear. Best way I could explain it.

  • Alex Garcia - Love My New Glasses!

    Soooo glad I purchased these frames- I feel they really compliment my face as well as my personality and I have received nothing but positive reviews and compliments from friends in colleagues. I've already recommended the seller to some co-workers who are also looking in purchasing some new eye ware in the near future.