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  • M. Hall - 5 Stars, 1 Reservation

    After exploring the "Search Inside This Book" feature and snooping through a few of the embedded prose poems, I knew that this was a book I needed on my shelf. (Though I do admit I ordered it (ostensibly) for my girlfriend's birthday--and borrowed it when she was done!) I finished the tome in one enraptured sitting and, despite a limp third act denouement, the book was taut, well paced, and fresh.

  • Judith J. Walden - I have tried so many products like this and by far it is superior

    I have tried so many products like this and by far it is superior. Longlasting,easy to apply...pkg done to last. I will stick with this product from now on.

  • Roy Ehmke - Roxio Creator 2011

    I tried several copiers over the years, but this one did not strike my fancy. I thought Roxio had put too many bells and whistles into this thing. Aside from that, after loading it into my system, (Windows XP Pro, 32 bit) it was jockeying for superior position with the copier in XP. To make matters worse, my computer started strange things like not wanting to shut down, and a few other things. I'm generally not impressed, sorry Roxio.