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  • OnlineShopper - Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity ...

    Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity, grand prices, sales pitch and high end display in store the product is nothing but cheap chemicals - don't put anything on your skin - check the ingredients - their is nothing special in this product then a normal product found in walmart or target for that matter. Clearly scam and exorbitant price

  • l.c.r. - Don't be fooled. Look at the fake 4- and 5-star reviews

    I'm watching the infomercial for this product right now. Host Jim is raving about how this product cured his joint inflammation pain. Sounded great--I have a ton of joint pain. Checked Amazon, and surprise--ALL of the four- and five-star reviews are for one or two products at most. I'm not spending a cent on this scam.

  • Elementis - Not miraculous, but one of the better supplements I've tried.

    I heard about this supplement on the Alex Jones show as a UK listener. I'm sceptical of American infomercials in general (sorry, US readers -- I just find them overly enthused) but have been supplementing for years for chronic fatigue and concentration issues, so I tried out a couple of trial packs of this. I'm now ordering a canister of it.

  • Sammy - Great product

    I saw the commercials and decided to try this. I bought mine from Walmart and it was the two bottle pack. I love to eat and this curbed my appetite like crazy. I found myself less hungry and fuller faster which was great. I eventually started losing about 5 pounds a week, but I did use the product 3 times a day and I worked out five times a week with classes like Zumba and kick boxing I also did cycling. This product worked more as a mental boost than anything. In my mind taking this product made me feel full and made me drink more water and lose weight. Now that I think about it I'm sure working out 5 times a week helped a lot lol. This product boosted my confidence and weather it was the real ticket behind my weight loss or not its worth the money for me.

  • classy qm - Love these pads

    One of few products that really made a visible difference in my skin. Love it and it is much less expensive at Amazon than QVC!