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  • Rhonda - Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release 84 Soft gelsels

    This really is a great addition to the Zantrex family but be warned if you are Niacin sensitive, when t states take a Full glass of water with the two gel caps, take the full glass, otherwise you will feel the flush that you get as it absorbs, but it does not, REPEAT, does not give you jitters, loopy head or keep you up, and I am very sensitive to the slightest amount of stimulants, and I can take this and feel great all day and go to bed and sleep like a baby, unless my 2 yr old Granddaughter is spending the night, then she hogs the king size bed, but that is what NaNa's are for! ;)

  • Salisse - Loved this product

    I used this product on my newborn son because of colic. The taste and smells is like black licorice, but who cares because it works. It helped calm him down and help him relax. This also makes him go to the bathroom and sleep soundly. I would recommend this even over hylands colic tablets.

  • Country Lady - Good explanation of insulin resistance but nothing new in food plan

    This book doesn't really have anything new or different. It tells you to eat lean meat, beans, and lowfat cheeses for proteins and eat a balanced diet if fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and lean meats. Too much emphasis is placed in nonfat and sugar-free foods. If you are like me and do not eat very much processed foods, this won't be helpful. I was hoping for something new that would help insulin resistance without medication, but this wasn't what I was looking for. If you don't understand what insulin resistance is this book does a good job of explaining it.

  • kRUNK - Perfect, but where is it?

    This is easily my favorite coffee in the world, but I'm really unsure how to find it now that Starbuck's has discontinued it. It was a very popular specialty roast for them, so the decision to drop it must have been a pretty serious one. But surely someone is still picking those beans and roasting them. I'd love to know who, because I would buy six pounds of the stuff right now.

  • T. Callahan - Good but use it correctly

    Works at removing adhesive however be sure to wipe it off right after spraying it on. If you don't and it drys it leaves a stain

  • Keith Dworak - Don't wait until it's too late

    I have a 15 year old septic tank and I never have it pumped. Instead, I pop one supply of RID-X into the toilet, flush it twice and then go to bed. Haven't had a problem yet! Make sure you follow the instructions and dont use a lot of water after you flush this, you want it to sit in your septic tank and not run into your yard. I just do it Friday night before bed and sleep in Saturday morning.

  • Brittany Mohr - not sure if it worked

    I got this to detox the THC from my system. I know that is not really a thing you can do completely but I had a pre-employment UA coming up and thought it couldn't hurt.