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  • Healthcare Careers | Why Choose Anthem - Anthem Inc. offers countless job opportunities for you to build a challenging and rewarding career in the health care industry and we provide you all the right tools for a successful future
  • Anthem | Careers | Commitment to Diversity - With thousands of associates coming from diverse perspectives and backgrounds, we have created and sustained one of America’s largest, most diversified and well-respected health benefits companies
  • Anthem Healthcare| Career Opportunities - Our career opportunities span a wide variety of careers including operations, finance, IT, marketing, and more.
  • Anthem Inc.| Careers | Student Programs - Anthem, Inc., one of Fortune magazine's Most Admired Companies, has a wealth of opportunities for students and graduates who are ready to make a difference in the healthcare industry.
  • Anthem Inc. | Careers | Recruiting Events - Anthem Inc. is always searching for talented professionals who are seeking jobs to help drive the future of health care. Check our campus recruiting events calendar to see when we’ll be in your city
  • Anthem | Careers | Our Job Locations - Healthcare career opportunities are widespread and constantly growing at Anthem Inc. View current job opportunities in your location.
  • Anthem | Careers | Job Search - Search all healthcare job openings and career opportunities with Anthem Inc. and help drive the future of healthcare.
  • Anthem | Student Programs | Campus Recruiting Calendar - We hold campus recruiting events regularly. Meet our associates and recruiters while learning more about our healthcare career opportunities!

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  • Scott Clevenger - Outstanding Program

    I was a Microsoft Money user and was sad when they discontinued the program. I read up on Quicken and thought I'd give it a try. It installed very easily and converted my Money files automatically, my bank was not on their list but they have a work around for that and now online banking is gravy. I was very disappointed that the payroll option had been discontinued seeing as how that was one of the main reasons I went with this Home and Business program, (they really should print that on the box and other places so you don't find out when you click on the payroll tab only to be taken to a web page that says sorry this option has been discontinued). but after looking at the other products out there it's obvious they just want you to pay out the rear for that service by buying addon products. So I gave it 4 stars it does everything else well.

  • Stephen in Plano - 4 star due to the 30 day nagging

    I like the way that this product works, I am downgrading it from 5 for the following reasons, 30 nag prior to license expiration, and also if install it for one device that starts the clock for all devices.

  • Laura - Very good supplement

    Works great give you plenty of energy and helps with moodswings. I would recommend this product to any woman that is going through minapals. I received this product at reduced or free of charge

  • Bella44 - Love it!

    This works just like the infomercial says it will, I am thinking maybe the bad review that was left either did not add water or used the milling blade, instead of the extracting blade. I have used with spinach, kale, many different fruits & flax seeds & chia seeds & it liquifies it all for a super packed nutrient drink, there are so many combinations you can try. With my juicer I end up with a lot of pulp to dispose, so I am done with the juicer. The booklet has a lot of great Nutriblast recipes. Well worth the money. Super easy clean up as well. I have had a Magic Bullet for many years & it served me well for smoothies but the Nutribullet is much more powerful & I love that I can now add greens & seeds or nuts to them.

  • Anne Compau - MUST HAVE for families.

    I'd don't know where our family would be if not for this book. Son was given the typical "autism" diagnoses by his pediatrician despite me explaining many peculiar instances related to his diet and stomach health. Doctor and two NP's all ignored my concerns so I tool matters into my hands and started researching, not having a clue where to begin. Happened to see this book recommended on Amazon and finally rented it one day and wow the info blew me away. Partly because of the info in this book I arranged for my son to see a holistic pediatrician since his primary REFUSED to do blood or urine work, yes REFUSED. The holistic pediatrician immediately ordered the lab work that showed that YES his stomach was severely damaged and showed many food sensitivities, among many other things. He's now on the path to healing, but I can't help but think where we would be if I had NOT taken a stand and just went along with the good ol' "doctors" guess. Scary country this has become.

  • Jordan Hayner - MuscleTech really outdid themselves with this one

    I got the chance to try this before it hit the market and it blew me away! I've had a ton of BCAA supplements and this is one of few that doesn't foam up when you mix it. The taste is quite refreshing and the flavor is amazingly good. This helps me out big time when I'm doing cardio and need that extra something to help me finish strong. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to boost their endurance and give them great recovery after long, hard workouts.

  • Richard Fischer - This is a rule book

    This is a rule book. For me, the hard copy is easier to use and reference. This is a good lower cost alternative but hard to reference at the field if a discussion occurs needing clarification.