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  • Commercial Appraiser-Appraisal 310.337.1973 - Request for the galvanized wire quotation - Dear Sir or Madam: Pls kindly pass this email to your purchase manager and general manager. We will reduce your wire cost. We are the main manufacturer and exporter of steel wire in China. Our main products are: galvanized and non-galvanized steel wire (galfan also), low carbon and high carbon,soft and hard. in ASTM,EN,BS standards. application: 1. cable industry:braiding,armouring,ACSR. dia.0.2-8.0mm 2. fence and wire mesh: 0.20mm-8.0mm 3. brush industry 4. baling wire 5. steel wool Packing: rosset coils,spools,bobbins,steel stands,drums. Rgds BJ Hur

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • David T. - Worked great for less than a month before dying

    These sounded great, and I really liked them until they just quit working. Used them for 45 minutes each day at the gym on the stationary bike or the elliptical. This morning, while listening to a playlist, I got an oral "low battery" warning, followed a few minutes later by another warning. Then, the unit just completely shut down. When I got home, I immediately put it on the charger. No red light came on to indicate charging, so I tried another charger and wall outlet. Still no red light. The User Manual said to give it thirty minutes, but it has now been seven hours, and still no red, blue or any other light. The unit is completely dead. I tried turning it back on several times while using the charger, but like I said, it's gone, dead, finis! For added information, I ordered this product less than one month ago (three and one half weeks ago to be exact)!

  • Rhonda P. Holt - therapy review

    great info. oil pulling really works. i could feel the difference the first time and my husband could tell when he kissed me also

  • Newfangled - You Won't Need Another Reference

    Excellent resource. The index is detailed enough that I can find just about anything, and the no-frills style allows me to skim quickly. I like that it covers everything, beginning to end.

  • Eva Sidera - These worked great for my dad

    He bought his first bottle a year ago after watching the poorly directed infomercial, haha! But intrigued him to try it free for a month-supply worth. He's 58, doesn't drink or isn't on any medication. He lifts weight and exercise every other day and takes these twice a day and his health has improved dramatically. His only struggle is leaving the cigarettes, decreasing a smoke a day than a pack. But he insists these work for him and by the reviews I've been reading here, it's doesn't work for everyone. So purchase cautiously.

  • madridista - Stung so bad!

    I used it today for the first time. It's horrible. Too thin, runny and my daughter screamed coz it stung her eyes so bad! It took a few minutes to clean her eyes. I might use it again as a body wash but not as a shampoo! It's not tear free.