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  • Blueiwahine - Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012

    Ordered this book to review information. It has been awhile since I have used my Cosmotology license and wanted to find a book that would help refresh my memory and update on latest techniques. I was very happy with this book it was alot more technical than my old Milady book circa 1989.

  • Polly B. - Worthless product

    Had been using a 2009 version then wanted the newest version to go with a new desktop. This product has not worked since I loaded it. It did import my desired content from my old computer but once open, it crashed each time I tried to click on a page icon to verify that it had properly imported. Emails to customer service are a waste of time. Save your money. Find another software maker that actually makes a good product and read customer reviews on sites such as this or CNET before you plunk down your hard-earned money. I could have just lit a match to the money I spent on this worthless piece of trash.

  • Paul T. - Don't waste your money like I did

    I've been taking this for 4 months now (I bought a 6 month supply) without any noticeable change in mood or libido. I'm sure there are better products on the market than this one.

  • Richard B. - Super!

    I have been buying universal antennas for my wifes equinox since 2013 and with all those adapters none would work, I conplained returned items until recently, I found your product. Super tightens down nice heavy quality construction. Best of all me and wife do not have to slide off back of suv anymore to remove prior to backing out of garage yippee!!!!! AAAAA+++++

  • pampaints - nothing

    My friend is a big believer in this so I have tried it for a few months. I put the mat in bed next to my bare legs. Nothing..... at all except having to unwind the thing from my feet several times a night. It is such an obscure thing you spend so much money and time on and can't discern if it's quackery...... the purchased grounding devices that is. I can believe in waking on the grass etc. But I can't help wondering if all this paraphernalia being sold, is someone getting rich on a fad.