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City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Fallon Stanton - Totally Worth It

    I was a little nervous to try this out after reading some of the reviews. I ultimately got the Onyx colored kit to use on the kitchen and bathroom countertops. I love it! As many people have said, it is time consuming, but that is mostly for the drying time between coats. Sanding takes some elbow grease, of course, but the rest is quick and easy. The sanding of the decorative chips takes the longest, and is really the most important part as far as final product is concerned. The smoother it is, the smoother the counter will be in the end. I did four full passes over the counter with the sanding block before I was happy with the feel. Clean up was really easy as well. The dust from sanding and the excess paint chips all vacuumed up in a snap. If you put up plastic around the cabinets and walls, you shouldn't have any problems with the mess. I decided to take out the sink even though I wasn't replacing it to get a clean line and avoid trying to squeeze behind it. It was a really good idea. Only takes a couple minutes to pull the sink out and put it back, very worth it. It has been a week since I got the countertop done, and I am loving it. I just wish I had done it sooner.

  • love to read - I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied ...

    I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied my imagination. If I can picture what is happening in the book then I know the author is doing a good job with their description skills.

  • HeroicLegend - Bern Brentwood Helmet

    Comfortable, lightweight, well fitting helmet. I have worn a multitude of helmets over the years for skateboarding and biking(although I purchased it for snowboarding), and this is definitely the lightest. The interchangeable liners are a nice feature.

  • Alex J. - the light is great. Low heat output

    Is there supposed to be a switch for the veg and bloom? If not, then why is it still in the description? If so, then my unit was not assembled correctly. Can we get an official answer on this from VIPARSPECTRA?