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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • rtloon - Agreeing with the praise, adding a few points not in other reviews

    Am male, age 62, in good health and mediocre shape, and just yesterday was authorized to begin bearing weight on my leg, 10 weeks after an ankle fusion operation. I want to do a favor to the company who makes and markets a device that made these 10 weeks much better for me and my wife by allowing me to be much more self sufficient, and at the same time not bore readers by repeating the excellent points made in other rave reviews.

  • R. Whitworth - Excellent

    As a professional medical biller, I can't be without the most up to date information. This is my goto resource.

  • LORA JEAN DENICOLA - Works great though. Will save up to purchase another one

    It is quite expensive @ $100. Works great though. Will save up to purchase another one, but might take me a while!

  • Lindsey Poyner - Smells wonderful!

    Bought this to replace my Doterra lemon E.O. which would be more expensive to replace. The package came a day earlier than I was told it would which is great!! I opened it right away and was thrilled with the smell, the taste is also great tastes just like zest from a lemon definitely would be again.