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CSGOSTRONG - Roulette, free skins, giveaways! - I would like to point out that when i check epp off, and place these commands in the registry all smoothmousexcurve, smoothmouseycurve all values to 0 the mouse seems to feel more direct. As far as I know these values should be active when epp is turned on but when epp is off, smoothmouse commands tend to activate their own curve, but not in their accelerated way if you know what i mean. I use the mouses onboard memory instead of its driver so that i dont get any interpolation as many people claim that mouse drivers do, and usb port overclocked to 1000hz ; Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

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City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • scfromsc - It saved our construction site

    My brother and I were restoring an old house. On Tuesday we had the copper water pipe delivered and stored inside at the job site. I had found the Simplisafe Alarm on Amazon and had it installed on a Wednesday at about 4pm. The next morning at 4:30 am we had a break in. Thanks to Simplisafe the thieves left the site without stealing any of the extremely expensive pipe. The system worked well in that the siren went off and scared the burglars away. The sensors work well and can be removed easily when the job is done. The phone support staff were excellent to work with.

  • james e. - Worth every dime!!!!!!

    Worth every dime.!!!! Already jumped 20 percent right on practice test. Really need the book too!!!! WB6NOA is the best teacher!!!

  • B S Sharp - perfect

    We just had a week full of wind and random rain storms last week, so our yard was a mess. There were large tree branches that fell and had to be cut in order to move them. I used these pruning shears to trim all the small branches off of the larger ones, so that we could cut the large ones for firewood. This little pair of pruning shears work great! Even after an hour of cutting branch after branch they had not dulled and even more important my hands did not cramp. They were so easy to use that when we were finished I went around and trimmed all the small branches hanging down that were still on the trees in our yard. They have a nice and easy to use locking feature that keeps them closed.