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  • PSU grad - sorry, Sorry game

    This set only has three pieces vs the standard four, it has some difficult to decipher "fire and ice" or something dimension that I discarded because I found it too complicated to figure out and seemed to detract from the original game which is what I was anticipating getting

  • Shannon M. - I love my Amazon prime acct

    I love my Amazon prime acct, but in this world of boycotts, I'm seriously thinking of boycotting Amazon over their intended manipulation of reviews of this book. The power brokers in this country must be stopped! HRC is a fraud, liar, and unprosecuted criminal.

  • Baby Sweats - An engaging experince with photo-realistic graphics to give a surreal look at WW1

    Prior to this battlefield, I have never played this series before. I have always enjoyed the Call of Duty style and perfer it. But, with the lastest COD game, it has gone stale and repetitive. The COD beta playthrough I had, just remined me of Black Ops 3 and just really felt lackluster. Seeing the Battlefield trailers and wanting to take a break from future warfare, I gave BF1 a chance. Holy Cow, what a difference in terms of gameplay and immersion. The sounds and look of the game just make a refreshing change of pace for FPS's. The storyline is short and multiplayer is not what I'm use to but, It is so damn fun and immersive, I don't see myself going back to COD anytime soon. Just the little things add to the experience, like when capturing a flag and music starts to play and your squadmates yell out a war cry, just puts a smile on your face. In the end, I'm glad I took a chance on BF1, it's truly a must own game that grabs your attention into the brutal and savage war.

  • Mary Clark - Great products and it works.

    Love it but they really need to make a WIDER size also. My oven pan is a little wide and this just about makes it to width of pan.

  • RVgirl - RV Air Freshener

    Purchased this product to place in the storage compartments of our motor home. Not only is it a product that has a pleasant odor to refresh the air, but also is a deterant for four legged critters. We have used this product for more than four years and are very satisfied with the results. We highly recommend this product.

  • Neisha Gibson-Charles - Alexneisha

    not too sure if this this product is really working. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and haven't seen any changes to my body

  • Patty - Get one for your dogs!

    I am not able to throw treats when I at work because one of my dogs is in a crate and it won't throw that far. 🙁 Otherwise I love it! ❤️