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  • terrygee - First the Ujal (mermen) and now the Were Dragons. I love it!!! More please!

    I loved the UJAL series and did not realize this was a continuation but with another species of the Intergalactic Dating Agency. Wow, a lot of species out there lost their women. It is a good thing we Earth Babes can reproduce like we do.

  • exercise mom - Good product

    This is the 3rd Boots No 7 product I have purchased. I like this line of moisturizers and anti aging products and have noticed improvement in my skin over the past few months. This includes fewer lines and improved elasticity. I would recommend this product. It's relativity inexpensive compared to others that are similar and you get results.

  • A-Mo - LifeSaver

    This program is so easy and worthwhile I have told all the other food entrepreneurs I know about it. Wish I found it sooner!

  • kc las vegas - Broken and Used???

    I liked the form and firmness of the pillow, however the pillow I received had a zipper that was only zipped up half way and I was unable to zip it up all the way. The zipper appeared to be broken. This should have been noticed when it was packaged. Also, I cannot prove it but I feel that the pillow had be previously used. There were particulates on the pillow cover and it was wrinkled as if it had been washed and not put back on the pillow right away.

  • Kimberly C. Rife - Works great

    My B12 was at 416, now it stays over 1000 consistently. I feel better, have a bit more energy, it's an excellent product.

  • Chad M. Supp - Roto Bible

    My copy has all its pages. I've been getting the Forecaster every year for the past decade. It's a roto player's bible. I always enjoy the crispness of the cover and pages, when my copy arrives. Because by the end of the season, this thing is a dog-eared, marked-up rag.