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  • Elena W - Very True

    The movie is must see. I am an immigrant from Former Soviet Union I can see where O...a is going...but before seeing the movie I thought he is just a narcissistic change-maker with oversized ego and now I know why...I have degree in psychology and this is really really true...there is no tree without roots, there is no fire without smoke...Obama does not have roots in America and he has a lot of wealth not to think about gas prices or food prices or electricity prices he has it all covered...he can allow himself to think about HIS WORTH and HIS IDEALS...he is not a friend of poor or black or Muslim or Christian or women or worrier or ...anybody. He has his personal agenda his personal achievement in this life...i would not be surprised if he secretly adores Adolf Hitler. He is all about his magnificence . I personally think that he was surprised when he got elected President because I thought his real card was to not to be elected and play the race card after. That is why he is incompetent and lazy president and not interested in bringing up the high values of America because he never was trying to be a president of USA, but he wanted to be a great revolutionist. He wanted to destroy America from outside but then he suddenly got elected president and his plans changed a little he decided to destroy America from inside...But in reality he is not as smart as he thinks he is..he is a failure...and hopefully leave the white house in 24 days.. .According to psychologists Lenin started whole revolution in Russia just because he had never forgave the czar for killing his older brother Alexander and Lenin vowed for revenge and...just in time he was supported and subsidized by Germans.

  • John Dennett - The best-loved CD in my collection

    If the house was on fire and I had to choose one disc to rescue, "Blue Lines" would be the one. Liek other reviewers here, I didn't get it at all when i first heard it. It eventually took me about 5 listens to readjust my thinking and see this for the perfection that it is. Don't wait -- buy it now!

  • jboy - A Good Place to Start

    There is an apocryphal story about a novice investor asking Warren Buffet what he should do before he started investing. Warren allegedly told him to familiarize himself with all the stocks listed on the NYSE. The newbie was flabbergasted. "How do I do that? There are thousands of stocks there !". He got told to start with the "A's".

  • Amazon Customer - Protection with storage!

    Great protection with the added bonus that it holds four cards (ID and credit) plus can hold a small amount of folded paper money. While it's hard to open when you first start using it, the hidden storage compartment access is reasonably easy and has not accidentally opened.