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  • J. Musil - Income Taxes

    This is an excellent book to help make sense out of the tax laws. I have used J.K Lasser's books for many years and have never been disappointed. One section on the college credits was apparently prepared before some changes were made and on the age for the American Hope credit that was left out.

  • Julie4Ian - Captivating

    I purchased the Guinness Book of World Records 2013 for my 10 yr old nephew for Christmas. When it arrived (really fast with prime shipping) I could not stop reading it myself! I didn't want to open to book all the way or crease any of the pages, so I did read through & looked at the great photos very carefully. But once I wrapped it, I could hardly wait to give it to him, mainly so I could read it more!

  • Aphrael - To my real surprise, these things really do work

    For years I have been watching these battery desulfators for years with great skepticism. When they first came out, when DIY, assemble-yourself kits were the first available versions, I tried one that didn't seem to work. Now that some apparently well-engineered factory versions are available. and after reading so many positive anecdotal reviews, I decided to give this BatterMinder 2012 a try. I have been skeptical because it seems impossible to find the results of any controlled test of these devices. This caused me to suspect that this is voodoo science. But, I had five weak to very weak batteries to replace, and I decided to try my own study.

  • gladys molina - Remarkable product. Takes time to build up in your ...

    Remarkable product. Takes time to build up in your system (depends how compromised it is).. Overall it has reduced my allergies considerably..

  • Santiago Padua - Very complete and useful information about all the cities in Hong Kong

    Very complete and useful information about all the cities in Hong Kong. Wouldinclude some additional maps with more street names but they enough to locate yourself in the map

  • Larry Lian - It is really a great product

    This one worked. Packing and shipping are good. The only thing I can't verify is that how long the result will keep. The cost of the product is a bit high.