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  • Bruce - I rate this horrible software a "zero"

    I recently purchased Roxio Creator 2011. I read the reviews and the negative reviews were written months ago. I thought that Roxio would improve their product. They released a service pack in September, 2010. Warning! This software is the WORST software I have EVER purchased. I have used PCs and associated software for thirty years. I started with Adaptec Eascy CD v 3.5 and have bought several versions. This version, 2011, is the WORST that they have produced. I have purchased over 100 different commercial programs.

  • Doug Kraus - Works well

    A used copy was originally sent, so that did me no good as I could not register the number, but a second copy was quickly sent and all is working well.

  • The Polagruto's - Good shoe for the price

    Very comfortable, durable, and nice value for the buck. Did buy a more expensive other brand that was on sale and these are MUCH nicer.

  • Amazon Customer - and funny; a shade thrower of foolery and side-eye goddess

    This book met my expectations and more. I've followed Luvvie on Facebook through her blog AwesomelyLuvvie for about 6 years and she is witty, and funny; a shade thrower of foolery and side-eye goddess, and she did not disappoint with the book. I felt judged at all the right times and crackled even more. If you don't have this book. I suggest you get it, sit in the corner with a cup of tea and READ!

  • SimpleHome - Who knew I'd been doing it wrong all my life?

    What can I say? If you're looking at this review you're thinking about getting one of these. Just do it.

  • Melissa Bowen - Possible if buying one for each room?

    I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review'' in your review as this is explicitly required by Amazon. I got this hoping it would help. I live in the country. We are having issue with ant and mice. The ants did not leave, however they did not go o the wall where the device was plugged in either. And we have been still trying to catch that mouse. It seemed to have moved rooms. It said with package it only worked on one room. So I guess if you got one for every room they may work. I am not sure. It does have a nice blue night light though.