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  • Maintyper - I bought and can't even play

    03/05/2013:I am really dissapointed by this game, Paid $60 pre-order from Amazon and cannot even play the game. If you are planning on purchasing this product I would wait at least a few months obviously EA and Orgin cannot get their servers in order. I also purchased the Digital add on from Orgin and it does not even show in my games list. Maybe I will have something nicer to say once I can actually play the game. Been trying to get in one of their servers for 5 hours.... Good luck... All I get is cannot create city at this time, try again.... What a joke!

  • GPS guy - Best Version Ever

    I've been using various versions of this software since 1999 and generally upgrade every 2 or 3 years. I hadn't planned an upgrade but did so to better accommodate an upgrade from XP Win 7 (Win 7 is worth the trouble and expense!) When the disk arrived, it was cracked (shipping problem, not Peachtree.) I had next to no trouble getting them to give me a link to a download so I could use the product without waiting for a new disk. I had no trouble with the download and no problem moving files from Peachtree Complete 2008. I moved four companies and everything works very well. The employees (two) were easy to understand and registration was a snap. A MAJOR benefit to me is being able to keep multiple companies open at the same time. As usual, the best price and service were at Amazon. This review sounds like it was written by an employee but it wasn't--it's just a bullet-proof product that performs very well and performs flawlessly with Win 7--worth the price.

  • James Wright - I upgraded to this TV after walking into a Best Buy randomly to look at washer/dryers

    I upgraded to this TV after walking into a Best Buy randomly to look at washer/dryers, not knowing 4K existed, and being blown away by how far television technology had come since I was last on the market. I stood watching TV's for an hour, and had to have one. Luckily for me, I hadn't bought a TV for about 7 years, and upgraded from a cheap 32" Samsung that was only 720P.

  • Berkley Wood - This pillow is absolutely amazing and I love it

    This pillow is absolutely amazing and I love it. I've been on a quest for years to find a quality pillow at a reasonable price. I also spent a ton of money on my quest just to end up with a pillow that goes flat within the first week of use. Not this one. Night after night its firm and comfortable. I was having some neck and shoulder pain recently and was thinking its time for a new bed. After two nights with my new pillow I'm starting to think my bed is fine, the problem is my last expensive and now flat pillow. Having more neck support now I'm sleeping better and my neck pain is gone. I did receive this pillow at a discount in return for my unbiased review, but I can ensure you I will be investing in a few more pillows and not just because my girlfriends jealous.

  • Rodney - Excellent Value and Quality Sound

    Great value for a portable Bluetooth speaker. $38 for 20 watts of power + a passive subwoofer, and it's only 1.4 lbs. I do like the little ring on the side to attach to a backpack strap. I brought this with me on a cruise, used it in various rooms of my house, and even outside. It gets pretty loud! Now, I wouldn't use it for a super loud house party that needs more horsepower, but it's good for smaller parties and just normal conversations between people. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a bang for your buck type of portable speaker.