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  • Amazon Customer - It is made for US customers only!!

    The charger is only 110V!!! This means this product is only for US market! Because if you attempt to charge the battery in any other place you will fry it!

  • Buttchops - Great stuff!

    My friend introduced me to Kenra taffy, and I really like it with short hair. Instead of my hair laying flat I can scratch my fingers thru my hair and give it some lift and it actually curls some. Later in the day it seems to lay down but if I use hair spray after the taffy that problem's solved.

  • Christina M West - I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby

    I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby. I saw this product advertised on Facebook and I've tried a MILLION different products over the years to try to make my hair look thicker (and not a single product has worked). The video for the product looked great so I thought I'd try it but it's a bit expensive (and after all, NONE of those other products worked) so I thought I would purchase the travel size 1st to test it out. One word: WOWOWW!!! This stuff is awesome and REALLY works! I would recommend it to anyone with fine hair who wants volume without your hair looking or feeling sticky. I will be purchasing the full size bottle now b/c I'm never going without this product! :D

  • Kaye - It's Simple..It's easy and it works!

    I've been using these Washer Cleaner tabs for over a year now. I got the first ones when I got my new Whirlpool Washer and Dryer. It's simple..just toss in one tablet, turn your machine to "Clean Washer" or the hottest setting, turn it on and IT WORKS!

  • Julie - It really works!

    I bought this kit from Walmart to repair a couple of scratches on my new black car. The ability of this kit to repair a scratch is based on how deep the scratch is. If you are expecting a miracle for a deep scratch, you need to lower your expectations to a more reasonable level. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to repair MINOR surface scratches. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, you need to purchase a second product to really make a difference (see link below). The two products together were less than $30 - money very well spent!

  • Bureau - Let's Hope the Sequel is this Good.

    Ghostbusters is easily one of the most successful, recognizable, and beloved franchises to emerge from the 1980's. To date, it's spawned a sequel, three cartoon series, toys, Halloween costumes, at least three video games, and I'm pretty certain there was a breakfast cereal out there somewhere. For those of us who grew up dreaming of advanced degrees in parapsychology and psychology, the franchise sacred ground, which is exactly why, in the wrong hands, a Ghostbusters graphic novel could have gone horribly wrong.