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  • Amanda - I was having the worst time finding a sunshade in general

    After purchasing my 2015 Honda Civic, I was having the worst time finding a sunshade in general, let alone one that actually fit my car. This custom made one fits perfectly so now I don't have to worry about sun damage or burning myself on those hot days! This product is great quality as well. Very satisfied!

  • Elisheva Swartz - the means are incredibly monatanous and boring. I had to use it for a class

    While you do learn some PowerPoint skills, the means are incredibly monatanous and boring. I had to use it for a class, otherwise, I would not have purchased this book.

  • Myrmidon - My personal favorite!

    I highly recommend this motherboard if you have the money to spend. It has every feature or option that you could ever ask for and even more features that you might not ever use. It also has tons of I/O ports so unless you have special needs you will not have to buy extra expansion slot items. I believe it is also very helpful to advanced or novice overclockers such as myself by saving previous settings in the UEFI BIOS after a crash so that you can adjust accordingly. It also has tons of buttons on the motherboard to help with restarting and retrying while overclocking so that you do not have to hit the powersupply power over and over again. Again, awesome mobo and highly recommended!

  • beaner - Have celiac disease or avoid gluten? STAY AWAY!!

    This product is listed as gluten free and I can tell you that it clearly is not under FDA regulation standards. I myself have celiac disease and within 3-4 days of taking this product all my symptoms of gluten poisoning began to appear. If you have a problem with gluten, do yourself a favor and stay away from this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny!

    Kirt has done a phenomenal job in presenting this training course in a clear and concise manner. I thought I knew the basics and considered myself an intermediate user. Boy was I wrong, but this training has taken me to an advanced level in a short amount of time.