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Dermatologist Rochester, NY | Black - African American Dermatology | Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - GVD&LC is New York's premier provider of dermatological services, products, treatments, and surgery, both conventional and laser-based, all in one office.

  • Genesee Valley Dermatology and Laser Services - GVD&LC offers dermatology and laser services including traditional & cosmetic dermatology, esthetics, spray tan, hair removal, waxing & more. Rochester, NY
  • Dermatology Services Rochester, NY | Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - We provide a full range of dermatology services to infants, children & adults. The doctors & nurse practitioners are board certified. Read more!
  • Laser Dermatologist Rochester, NY | Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre offers a variety of skin laser treatments for our patients. Read more about our lasers and how they can help you.
  • Cosmetic Dermatologist Rochester, NY | Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - GVD&LC offers a wide range of affordable, in-office cosmetic dermatology skin treatment options and products that can address a variety of concerns.
  • Facials - Tanning - Waxing Rochester, NY | Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - Genesee Valley Laser Centre offers a variety of esthetic services to complement our general dermatology & has become an integral part of our Centre.
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - About Us - GVD&LC provides dermatological services, both conventional & laser based, offering a full-range of general dermatology, laser & cosmetic skin care.
  • Meet Our GVD&LC Staff - Rochester, NY - Meet our Rochester, NY staff! GVD&LC is home to some of the most talented and dedicated dermatology professionals anywhere.
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - Contact Us - Contact the Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre and let us know how we can help you. If you need to schedule or cancel an appointment, please call us!
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology Centre - Dr. McMeekin - Dr. Thomas McMeekin, the president of Genesee Valley Dermatology Centre, received his Bachelor of Arts with Distinction at Stanford University. Read more!
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology Centre - Dr. Beth Lertzman - Dr. Lertzman is board certified in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology. Read More!
  • GVD&LC - Dr. Nana Duffy - Dermatologist - Dr. Nana Duffy is the only black dermatologist in all of Rochester, NY & has a passion for helping African American patients care for their skin.
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology&Laser Center-Privacy Practices - Listed here is a notice of the Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Center privacy practices. Please call our Rochester, NY office with any questions.
  • Genesee Valley Dermatology & Laser Centre - Insurance - Our office participates with most major insurance carriers. We ask that you bring to your appointment your most current insurance card and personal ID.

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