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  • R. Hartmann - We have been using RID-X since 1994 when we installed ...

    We have been using RID-X since 1994 when we installed our septic tank for our new, under construction house. Never had a problem with the septic tank. In fact, in 2012 we were building a separate garage with a guest room upstairs, and I wanted to tie into the exiting septic tank. Once we had the tank exposed, I called in a septic pump company to pump out the tank. There was NO SLUDGE or SOLIDS, just liquid. I use RID-X once a month.

  • Amazon Customer - Only thing that stops my hormonal acne

    Man when I tell you I have tried everything under the sun to stop my hormonal acne I am not kidding. I have used accutane, birth control, prescribed topicals, antibiotics, otc creams but nothing has helped. Except for this beautiful bottle of tea tree acne cream. I kid you not, any active spots that I have are completely gone in a week AND I have not gotten a single blemish due to my monthly visitor. That is HUGE and I am over the moon happy about it. I would normally have to deal with 5-6 horribly huge pimples on my chin a month but have not had a single pimple. I highly recommend and I will repurchase

  • Jessica - Perfect fit

    These floor mats fit perfectly in our 2012 lexus ct 200h. The only bad thing: there was a slimy/sticky film-like substance on the floor mats....didn't bother me much, as they ARE meant to be on the floor and get dirty anyway....but just stating the facts. :)

  • Tenny - No issues,

    The product is what it is. It works just as it should no problems. My only issue is.... BOB is expensive you would think iut came with some sort of amenity for the child.. i.e snack tray/cup holder... EVERYTHING is separate and also expensive! So annoying!

  • Ramzi Khashan - Shimano 2014 Men's Commuter/Tour Cycling Shoes - SH-CT45

    these shoes are very nice, the fit is perfect, and the cleats are receded so they dont bother when walking.

  • Donátila Spinelli Escovedo - It would be excellent if were good to drive.

    Beautiful, lightweight, protect against sun and wind well and is super easy to fold/unfold but is not very good to drive.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent

    This book is written so that you can start with no knowledge and build a very functioning database quickly. The layout allows you to review just the section you need help with and come with a web link for sample databases used in the book.