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Ibuprofen Regimen | Ibuprofen Therapy | Low Dose Ibuprofen | Baby Ibuprofen | Aspirin Side Effects | Daily Ibuprofen | - says its health research reveals ibuprofen-regimen may significantly helps medical conditions ranging from Acne to Alzheimerse

  • Ibuprofen Regimen Health Tip of the Day - Health Tip of the Day says its health research reveals ibuprofen-regimen may significantly helps medical conditions ranging from Acne to Alzheimerse

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  • Terri White - Natrol Tonalin CLA

    Natrol Tonalin CLA 1200mg seems to be helping me loose weight, but it is not constant. I have seen reviews that says it melts away the fat. I have lost 14 lbs in 3 months, so happy about that, but I have still had my ups and downs with weight over the 3 months.

  • Osvaldo Gutierrez - The size is not correct

    It doesn't fit to the hitch, I measure before I bought it and it is thicker that it says, I have it in the plastic no luck...:(

  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    Installation only took a few minutes. Works great so far (1 week). No complaints. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • >/.\< - Covers an important topic, but lacks substance

    It seems that in most cases that nonfiction authors are motivated by one of two things when creating their works. Some feel that they have some sort of information that needs sharing, and use books as a way to get their word out. These authors have a true passion for their topic, which clearly shows when reading their books. Others are driven purely by profit. Sadly, it seems that the latter is true of Donna Gates and her Body Ecology Diet. Though this book does cover an important topic, it lacks substance and fails to deliver. However, it may be a good source for someone used to only mainstream health books and wanting a simple primer on the subject.

  • Tommy - Limited use of this guide

    Too limited in coverage, for instance, did not cover most state universities except for 1st tier colleges in each state. Looking over the selections of colleges, they were top tier colleges and was of little help for students less than the brightest.

  • Donald Gillies - Best chromebook value on under $600.

    The i3-5015U model is ONLY for people who want to play 3D games under Linux & Steam. A base model will be fine (25-40 fps in league of legends on the Celeron 3215U) but the i3-5015U model has 23 shaders vs. 12 and will do more like 35-50 frames per second in the aforementioned game, and it also pretty good for playing CS:GO (my son plays both on his chromebook.)


    Purchased these wireless earbuds for my husband and he says they work perfectly. I will be purchasing a second pair for myself.