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  • J. Bell - Safe replacement for ibuprofen

    I don't have any chronic pains, but I do get the occasional sinus headache or workout induced muscle pains. I used to treat them with ibuprofen, but it tends to upset my stomach, and I was worried about liver damage from long term use. Serrapeptase does not upset my stomach, and is actually good for me. Does it treat my occasional headaches and muscle pains? Yes. It compares very favorably to the pain reducing effects of similar doses of ibuprofen.

  • Amazon Customer - Return of an old friend

    This was originally "3-D Home Architect" back before1995. I used it to harass my carpenters who were adding on to a very old house we'd bought. (Was up to version 53 of my design changes before we finished!) Anyway, I lost the old software in computer upgrades and then the software wasn't to be found. Seems that Chief Architect took it over. This version works just about the old one - very flexible and easy to learn. I love playing with "what ifs", so this is a real treasure for me. Jus tin time for me to redo my kitchen. Thanks!

  • Lgdowns - false advertisement

    I bought this product since reviews raved about how great it was. I guess, when it comes to protection, it may do its job, but there must be an issue with the adhesive strength. I used both screens to see if the first was just faulty. The perimeter of the screen must not have strong enough adhesive to hold the protector screen to the phone screen. You can see an air bubble perimeter around the entire edge of the screen and it is easy to lift up and off the phone screen. I used the thick, but bendable cardboard scraper used to get rid of air bubbles, however it did not work along the perimeter, I ended up bending the scraper and still have one massive air bubble (more so air bubble strip) that runs along the perimeter of the screen protector. It is very annoying and very apparent when the phone screen is black.

  • R. A. Geiger - Burned my finger - amazing results

    Today is the day I received the CellFood. I had read the other reviews and was skeptical but wanted to check it out. Before it arrived I was pouring bacon grease into a disposable cup and it spilled over onto two of my fingers. I started soaking my fingers in cool water but every time I took them out they started to burn again and a blister was forming on one of the fingers. Then my package arrived. I opened the container and let a couple of drops fall on my fingers and then rubbed them in. They stung briefly and then the pain went away. after several minutes they started to burn again so I put another drop on them. Then 15 minutes later no pain - nothing - the redness reduced immediately and the blister disappeared.

  • Charles Johnson - Works like a champ!

    At first, I was unsure if this would work as advertised. Once I got it, I realize I was worried for no reason. The Mac plug popped right in without a problem, the power plug fit snug and doesn't work it's way out. Even as I use the MBP, I can steadily watch the battery percentage going up. This auto charger states that it charges at the same rate as Apple's home charger and they are right. The unit never gets hot and pulls less than 5 amps from the car power jack. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

  • Connie - I've never known this kind of cold!

    Each page of this book draws you deeper and deeper into a true tale of the men who lived in the worst of the worst conditions Mother Nature could throw at them. Beyond just the daily below zero degree temperatures, they survived plunges into freezing waters, frost-bitten faces, hands and feet, and the breaking of teeth on frozen rails (ouch!). The stamina and perseverance these men showed navigating themselves through one peril after another is remarkable and to have done so with 1914 technology is astonishing. Their ship was named the Endurance, but the endurance these men displayed must be the truest meaning of the book's name. Shackleton's leadership skills and commitment to save his crew have made him one of history's greatest leaders, and I believe everyone who reads this book will not forget these men and their experience. Great reading.