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  • B. Parkinson - The second one works great

    I ordered two of these .... one for a friend and one for myself. My first one just died after the first use. Amazon was wonderful about replacing the unit (Fast delivery, no problems with return!) and I've been a happy waffle-maker ever since. This is a great machine!

  • Terry - How sad.

    Boy does this show her for the corrupt and dangerous person that she is. Total criminal activity with her, her family and her foundation. Even the secret service doesn't want anything to do with her. How can she lead the country with all the lies and double talk??? Lining the pockets of her wealthy friends is her prime objective, not the benefit of the country. The whole country is at risk with her as president. Not a truthful bone in her body. How sad.

  • Stuff My Cat Wants NOW!!! - Zipper broke; rips easily; plus per Igloo you cannot use "loose ice" in this bag

    Igloo stopped making this bag for a reason. We bought 2 of these cooler. The zipper broke on one after 2 weeks of use; after 1 month, both cooler had cuts and scrapes. Then after 3 uses, we noticed that one of the coolers was leaking through the seams. We called Igloo. They informed us that these cooler were never intended for use with "loose ice". It can only be used with ice paks.

  • Tecnofierro - As good as Pro V1 and more resistant

    I am 18 Hcp golf player, and played with Pro V1, but decided to try Bridgestone since one friend gave me a box.