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  • Louise Bailey - Goodbye aching back!

    This is a wonderful little machine. Takes up little space and is a miracle worker for my back. I could not believe the difference after just one use. So glad I got this. Feel better every day!

  • Craig - Hated cleaning windows...until this product.

    I hate doing windows. I put off doing them as long as I can. I am an electronic cigarette user which causes my car and apartment windows to get a film of gunk built up on them rather quickly. When I do decide to clean the windows, I end up using heaps of paper towels and Windex that always leaves streaking. A real pain. I finally decided to investigate how to really get windows clean easily.

  • George Graef - Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device.

    This device works when you use it every day for about 1/2 hour on the affected pain area. My wife uses it every day on her arm and swears by it. Battery opertion does not work as stated. It is too short to be useful. The unit has to be plugged in.

  • Mitch - Left it one for 4x the recommended time without results

    Does not work, didn't seem to get cold enough. Left it one for 4x the recommended time without results. Went in to the dermatologist and got proper liquid nitro applied and wart went away in a week. Just go in to the doctor, pay the $50, be done with it.

  • Heather Baumgartner - Works for Me on Vulvodynia

    I suffer from Vulvodynia and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dermatologists, urogynocologists, prescriptions and homeopathic remedies. This is the only product that consistently works for me. The relief is not perfect but this product does ease the discomfort to a tolerable level. Its expensive but even at $40 a jar is cheaper than the $400 a month I once spent on Urelle as recommended by one urogyn.

  • Douglas E. Graves - Keepin' it simple and basic

    I had what turned out to be toe fungus on my left big toe. I had lost the nail three or four times over a period of a few years. Each new nail would eventually "blister" at the base then crack and spit and loosen to the point of falling off. I finally did some web research and found some "hi-end" fancy named fungus treatments, all quite expensive. What I noticed is that they kept touting that they had "tree tea oil" in them. So I mused, this seems to be the magic curing ingredient these fancy treatments were depending on. I wondered if this tree tea oil was available on it own. Seems to me that this "tree tea oil" is the stuff I really need. Sure enough, it was available, and for a fraction of the price of the fancy names that "included" it. I ordered bottle and treated my toe diligently EVERY morning with the oil, applying it with a Q-tip for about two months, and it is now completely cured with a strong clear normal new nail. And I only used about 1/6 of the bottle to boot! My thoughts are, just use this inexpensive oil, with the key being; treating it consistently on a daily basis until one's nail grows back in normally and healthy again. :)