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  • Natalia Murataeva - Nie tea

    It's a very flavorful blend. I like it a lot, it makes for a great cup of tea before bed. I also drink it during the day sometimes---it really soothes my throat---I talk a lot at work. Overall a very good quality product

  • oldcarguy - Bravo Bobbi

    This author is obviously a teacher, and a good one. Clear and concise, understandable even to the sub-neophyte, as am I. This book is an excellent road map that provides a clear path to a destination... in my case, setting up a small business accounting system. The Quicken 2012 Official Guide is inexpensive education... not an easy thing to find these days.

  • 42 Design Fab Studio - Moooo... Kaching!

    What you hear is the sound of Sages new cash cow! I WAS (NOTE: past tense) a very happy Peachtree customer for years. Product was decent for the price, customer service was good, etc, until now. At the end of last year, they talked me into what I thought was just an upgrade with the tax tables. Turns out, this "upgrade" is required yearly to get the tax tables. So it's basically going to cost me $800 a year for tax tables!! When I called to complain, I as told "too bad", this is the way they do it now; no more ala carte. Either take the new service (which includes all upgrades, tax tables and hundreds of dollars for customer service you DON"T need) or switch to QB!

  • Oksana Shiell - Glitter particles. I am very disappointed.

    I used this foil yesterday for baking no-knead bread that is very sticky. I covered my pizza stone with the foil, non-stick side up of course. Non-stick side worked very well but when I removed the foil from the stone I discovered that entire surface of the stone was covered in glitter like sparkles. I try to rinse them off, to wash it off with the dish-washing soap, to scrub it with different cleaning products, eventually most of it came off, but I still see plenty of sparkles left. This product spoiled my expensive pizza stone and mostly now I am concerned because last week am mistakenly used wrong side for baking and possibly my family ended up eating the glitter particles. I am very disappointed.

  • kalayla roark - As always! Hit AFTER HIT!

    Maaaaaaaaan why Corinthian gotta be so dang loveable! I just feel like this dang near the best one yet besides Promiscuous Girl 1&2, She Got It 1&2, Can't Trust These Bitches 1&2, Shooting Blindly in the Dark, the list goes on... Ok, Nicole Jackson got more hits than R. Kelly! I never paid attention that I fell in love with EVERY BOOK! My addiction so bad I lost my debit card and snuck and used my Dads to buy this book lol. So wassup with Jaezel (forgot the spelling) story because her and her boo need one too.