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  • Cari - One of Brockmann's Best Novellas

    The story starts out with Izzy talking about his experience with Hell Week, and I was worried that this novella would be similar to Brockmann's anthology of short stories. However, it turned into a great story. I love how it goes back and forth between the characters recollecting memories and the story. It was different and added to the adventure. If you are just starting to read Suzanne's books, I don't recommend this one as most of these characters are well developed throughout the stories. I did not skip over the Babies, it's very short and worth the read to a die hard TS, Inc. fanatic. Love the new characters, and can't wait for the next installment!

  • R. Wiggins - This stuff really works!

    This stuff really works! I had decided that my garage, workshop and RV storage building had become a breeding facility for spiders. Really, it was out of control. Not any more! I sprayed the visible webs, waited a couple of days and remove all the webs with a broom. It has been 6 week now and I have only seen one new web. I sprayed it and, for now, we are spider free. I can truly recommend Miss. Muffet's. I really works!

  • mstlw1983 - This book was everything

    I loved this book. It was amazing. It had my attention from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this book.