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  • AGallic - best kept secret

    The advanced firming facial pads in conjuction with the Hydroshield serum is a Winner. I have used these for years and could not live without it.

  • David Pope - Awesome earbuds. I have tried many

    Awesome earbuds. I have tried many, many, many earbuds and these are by far the best. I run 3 miles a day 6 days a week and have been for over 30 years. These earbuds are light and comfortable. The bass is great and the sound quality is top notch. I own several other brands and these hold their charge longer and are easier to work with. I bought these at full price from amazon.

  • Beth - Perfect

    Switching from my old straightener you could see a huge different. I love it so much and would recommend it for anyone with a desire for pin straight hair in about 10 minutes. It's absolutely perfect.

  • Eric - a functional, durable man purse

    I've had various Timbuktu bags over the years and I love the Classic Messenger Bag - a design I think is hard to improve upon.

  • Patricia A. Malin - I am pleased with the performance

    Office 2011 loaded into my MAC without any problems. I am pleased with the performance. There are a few differences between the Windows version and MAC version but if you use Office for Windows the transition should easy. I would recommend Office 2011 for the MAC.

  • SeeBee145 - Decent Product for the Price

    It smells very well. I think it would work better for thicker hair. My hair is quite thin and it feels like i put a bunch of lotion in my hair after I am done. I don't think I used too much product either because I am paranoid and read the directions to everything lol. I would reccommend at least trying if you have thicker hair. My hair is fine!

  • Allison - Love the mag

    I love this magazine and being able to buy it for 99 cents a month is awesome being a college student!