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  • Becky Lee - Tastes yummy and keeps appetite satisfied.

    I use this as a meal replacement, having it as my breakfast or my lunch almost every day (I've skipped a few weekends). I also use a meal tracker to keep track of calories in, and an exercise tracker to keep track of calories out. I do not exercise at a high intensity - something I need to change - but I do walk at least 5 miles every day. With all that in mind, I have lost 15 pounds in the month that I've started using this product. I absolutely love it. It tastes great and it keeps my appetite at bay until my next meal.

  • Penni - I'm sold!

    I use this on all of my vehicles to keep the "fuel flowing smooth." I used as a gas additive and injector cleaner. Easy to use as a gas additive. Takes a little bit of mechanical skill to use it to clean your injectors (initial smoke can be unnerving if you're not expecting to see it). You can even use Sea Foam as oil treatment but I haven't done that yet. I recommend you use this stuff... especially on an older vehicle that has been neglected tune-ups. I noticed an increase in my gas mileage and a more responsive engine.

  • Amazon Customer - My shoe ripped and Im sad! 😭

    I loved this shoe. However after wearing them for less than a month the top of the right shoe developed a hole in it. The fabric of the shoe is extremely thin. This makes it lightweight, but not very durable. I'm very saddend by this because I REALLY loved these shoes.

  • Jview - Be aware if you're senstive to scents

    This product moisturizes as promised, the issue I have is, I used it once and my nostrils became extremely irritated. I'm very sensitive to fragrances and the scent of this is way too strong and overpowering for me. I normally check to see that the bottle says unscented but I was rushing on my way out the store and I usually find that drug store lotions that focus on dry skin are unscented. I'm disappointed to say the least, I don't know why adding scent is necessary unless a person is specially looking for a perfumed lotion.