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  • Scott - Outlook contunues to evolve

    I bought Outlook 2010 to replace an older version that kept hanging up with email. This version is an overall modest improvement and somewhat easier to use than the previous edition. It installed without difficulty and recovered all existing files and addresses. Overall, I am very satisfied. The price, however, seems excessive and I do not understand why it was not included in the Office package.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for kids

    I bought one for my son and it is easy for him to use. I like how it is small and has a clip on it. I would recommend this MP3 player to anyone as a gift for a child.

  • GatorDO17 - Works Great!!!

    I was looking for a simple indoor gauge to monitor humidity, because my nasal passages and eyes have been very dry recently and I am debating purchasing a humidifier. (I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania, and this is my first "real winter.") This little device was very easy to setup and works great! I didn't realize when I initially purchased it, but it not only tells you the current humidity level, but also the "high" and "low" reading for the last 24hrs. It provides this same information for the indoor temperature, as well, which is convenient because the only thermostat in the house we are renting is on the first floor, but we spend most of our time on the second floor (in other words, I use it to justify turning on my personal space heater when my boyfriend says it isn't "that cold" upstairs). :) Very useful little monitor!!