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  • SharonM - I'm mad I did do get it sooner...

    I've had a 2015 Ford Explorer in since September. I was very surprised and disappointed when I pulled into my garage and it didn't fit because of the antenna. I've had larger SUV's with no problem. I found the stubby antenna on Amazon last week. It took me about 3 seconds to install. It works great and my kids and I aren't freezing every morning and warming up the car for twenty minutes. I'm so mad I didn't get it sooner.

  • Lady in red - A pillow for my wrist and elbow.

    Living in a mountain state and loving to hike, a walking stick is a necessity, especially when fast walking down steep mountain terrain while listening to joyful music and podcasts. In the past I have been known to forgo the nice things in life and would just pick up a stick that looked like it would work and use it for my trip. Nevermind the fact that from 9 -5 I am a desk jockey and the only part of my hands that have calluses are my fingertips from my mad typing skills. Ate ra good hike I would always end up with slivers or blisters. But NO MORE. I decided to go with this NONPAREIL hiking stick. Not only is it light weight aluminum, has a sort foam grip that is contoured to shape my hand, but it has a spring that is designed to reduce the shock to my hiking stick arm. Ok great its got some stiff spring would say some people. But they are wrong. It has a spring that you can adjust, depending how you want to treat your arm joints that day. If you are feeling like Arnold and want to teach the mountain a lesson, you can. If you want to take your walking stick on a tip toe through the tulips, not a problem at all. This is a great walking stick and love using each time I go out.

  • Amazon Customer - Must Buy!

    Absolutely amazing Product. This is my first set of tools I have ever bought, and first time owner of Impact Driver. I am loving them! Amazing power, and the batteries last forever! This is also an amazing price for what you get as well. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • shell - The witchs book of spells

    I found it very help ful, to gain knowledge about herbs and spells. Also what the herbs are good for.

  • Tyranous - Very Satisfied

    Received mouse pad on time. The mouse pad is nicely elevated which saves you from buying a wrist support as well. It is very stable, meaning that it will not move around while you move the mouse and during arm movement it remains stable. If i remember correctly, one of the images of the product made it appear that your hand would sink in the pad after resting your hand on it (or applying pressure) this doesn't happen, which i'm glad. It is comfortable and sturdy and the price is right. I've had it for a few weeks and so far it is not dirty and their aren't scratches or wear and tear.

  • Laura Kelley - My favorite Smoothie!!

    This is so tasty! I love the chai flavor. I loved buying it at Smoothie King and was disappointed when they stopped carrying it. The manager of my local Smoothie King informed me they added half of a banana to it to achieve their flavor. Its perfect and way cheaper to make at home!