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  • Pearl B. Woods - Run like the wind to AVOID THIS PROGRAM!

    Do yourself and your clients a favor: AVOID THIS PROGRAM. I am a data analyst by temperament, training and profession. I LOVE analyzing data. I HATE Quickbooks. This may be the most user UNfriendly program I have ever used. Things that should be easy are burdensome--like using an elephant gun to kill a gnat. It won't do very basic things I need. QB "Help" does not address my questions. The user manual does not even contain the word "budget." Come on! The real irritation is, despite Intuit's protests to the contrary, Quickbooks DOES seem to be developed with Intuit's bank account, not the customer, in mind. Every time I turn around they want to charge more money. They make the different versions incompatible with each other--the ONLY reason to do this is to force the customer to hand over more money. I was forced to buy 2010, even though it does nothing more for me than 2009 did. Intuit says Quickbooks will save your company money. Ha! All it has done is COST our small non-profit dollars and staff hours. At this point trying to use it literally makes me ill. I would get rid of it in a heartbeat, but am forced to use it because our accountant does. I wonder how many others are in this boat. That too seems to be part of Intuit's marketing strategy.

  • Luna - Grainy and Does Not Spread Well

    I love shea butter. I love cocoa butter. I make pretty much most of the skincare products that I use out of whole organic and simple ingredients.

  • jdevillar - even several different prescription cures and not only did NOTHING WORK - the chemicals were terrible and harsh on the kids hair

    bought this for my granddaughters - there was a lice outbreak at the daycare and local school - for months we tried the over the counter products, even several different prescription cures and not only did NOTHING WORK - the chemicals were terrible and harsh on the kids hair

  • Evelyn - I saw results in 8 days!

    This oil has grown my hair so much! I've been using this hair growth oil for 2 months now but I saw results in 8 days. It's also revived my hair too. My hair feels and looks so healthy now, On thing I would say is that if you don't follow the directions you want see growth as fast. You'll get results, but if your looking for thickness and growth at the same time then just use it as directed. Once I started massaging my hair and using the oil the right way I saw faster results. This is why I say I saw results in 8 days because I decided to finally follow the directions. After 8 days I was trulyamazed! I also use the oil on the ends of my hair because it helps keep them healthy so I don't have any split ends now. I'm blonde so I wasn't sure if it would change the color of my hair or whatever and it hasn't so I'm happy about that too. I also use the oil of my 12 year daughter's hair and her hair is growing faster too. So, it's good for kids too, So just follow the directions, be patient and it'll work. I will be purchasing the oil on here from now on because it's a bit more expensive at the beauty supply store.