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Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - With 6 convenient locations, our board certified physicians provide personal care and advanced treatment for diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

  • https://midwestderm.com/locations Our Six Convenient Locations | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Offices in Midtown Omaha - UNMC campus, West Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion and Norfolk, we have been serving Eastern Nebraska for over 30 years.
  • https://midwestderm.com/request-more-info Request a Brochure | Midwest Dermatology Clinic - If you live in Nebraska or surrounding states and want to learn more about a procedure or skin disease, use this form to request brochures.
  • https://midwestderm.com/patient-forms Patient Forms | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - To make check-in quicker and easier, complete these forms prior to your visit with one of Midwest Dermatology's board certified physicians.
  • https://midwestderm.com/skin-cancer/#exam Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Learn how to recognize skin cancer, prevention tips and the latest in skin cancer treatment with Mohs surgery from Nebraska's leaders in Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • https://midwestderm.com/payments Make a Payment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Use our convenient payment feature to update your account at a click of a button from your phone, laptop or PC at any time of day.
  • https://midwestderm.com/our-dermatologists/ Our Physicians | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - At Midwest Dermatology Clinic, you will see a board-certified physician specializing in dermatology at every visit.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/ General Dermatology | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Our physicians, who are board certified in dermatology, specialize in the most advanced treatment of skin disease and common skin conditions.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/acne/ Acne Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Acne is a skin disease - not just something you outgrow. Our physicians prescribe regimens that lead to a clear, blemish-free complexion.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/aging-skin/ Treating Aging Skin | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Our physicians specialize in reversing the signs of aging with dramatic results using the most advanced tools including FX laser treatment
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/eczema/ Eczema Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Midwest Dermatology's board certified physicians can prescribe treatments to effectively relief the itching and rash caused by eczema.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/moles/ Moles and Skin Cancer | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Moles are common and most are harmless, but knowing the ABCDE's - signs of changing moles and skin cancer - can save your life.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/nail-diseases/ Nail Diseases and Infections | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Midwest Dermatology physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating infections and diseases of toenails and fingernails.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/psoriasis/ Psoriasis Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic - Our physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating psoriasis with the most advanced medications including breakthrough biologics.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/rashes/ Causes and Treatment of Skin Rashes: Midwest Dermatology Clinic - Midwest Dermatology physicians will get to the bottom of the cause of your rash and provide advanced treatment to relieve itchy, red skin.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/rosacea/ Rosacea Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Rosacea is a skin disease that causes the skin on the face to flush easily. Our effective treatment combines medication and lifestyle changes.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/scalp-hair-diseases/ Diseases of the hair and scalp | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Midwest Dermatology physicians have solutions for hair loss, thinning hair and scalp conditions that are all signs of skin disease.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/skin-tags/ Skin Tags | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - While skin tags are harmless, they can be safely removed if they become inflamed, painful and bleed when irritated by clothing or jewelry.
  • https://midwestderm.com/general-dermatology/warts/ Wart Treatment | Midwest Dermatology Clinic, P.C. - Warts, small, rough bumps caused by a virus, should be treated before they spread. Our physicians offer the most advanced treatment for warts.

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  • Rebecca Grove - Dragons looking for mates

    I loved this story! Jarek is a strong hero who has never expected to be blessed with a mate. He was appointed War-master to the Preor fleet because he wasn't seeking a mate. He was just there to help protect Earth and lead those seeking mates. He had given up all hope of ever feeling the Knowing that Preor feel when they are near their mate. Imagine his surprise when he is hit by the Knowing as he enters a meeting with the Ujal leader to finalized plans for mates meeting.

  • martialman7 - Solid, dependable product

    I have had the PS4 for a month now and find it the most advanced gaming console out there. The controller is extremely user friendly and comfortable to hold, esp. for long periods of time. The graphics are incredible and take advantage of the full 1080p HD television's capabilities. I like the speaker in the controller; it is a way to get you really into the game. I have a plus account for my PS3 and it was a little confusing in the adaption to the PS4. I had to call Sony support and they walked me through the process. It took less than 5 minutes. There was no waiting when contacting Sony support and the reps were most helpful. I replaced the 500gb hard drive with a 1.5tb hard drive in no time. Sony made this process quick and easy. I was able to buy this unit for the MSRP of 399.99 when Amazon opened a window of purchase at that price with free shipping. I wasn't going to buy it until the price came down to 399.99 but I got lucky and hit Amazon just as they opened that price window. There is no way I would pay more than the MSRP for the PS4 so you should either wait until you can get this for the MSRP or keep checking Amazon to see if they open a price window. As of this writing, Amazon has opened the window and you can get it for the 399.99 price. The most important thing that Sony can do, though, is to download an update making the unit DLNA compliant. I would be able to integrate my systems with the PS4 and not have to use my PS3 for this process. I am also looking forward to more system updates to include other features not on the PS4 such as backward compatibility.

  • Laurie N - HEADS UP! Recent ASUS firmware limitation - 3rd party firmware (ddwrt and Merlin) locked out

    Performance is fabulous. No complaints there. I bought mine in April and installed Merlin firmware for features absent in the ASUS stock firmware. However, the 88U I bought recently for a friend with stock ASUS firmware DOES NOT permit flashing with third party software. Apparently ASUS felt they had to lock out third party software at least temporarily to be in compliance with FCC regulations requiring manufacturers to prevent users from modifying RF parameters (i.e. Increasing wireless transmission power/range). It's not at all clear that they absolutely had to do this right now. (But do see their statement below.) If you're buying this router looking for increased wireless coverage, review discussion in smallnetbuilder ASUS forum, smallnetbuilder-dottt-commmmm. IMHO maintaining openness to third party firmware is a fundamental liberty that must to be maintained. Today the issue is RF power but tomorrow it may be government monitoring. I sure hope ASUS does go back to an open platform.

  • Amazon Customer - It Works Greens have High levels of Lead..Don't Buy!

    This product contains High Levels of Lead. The company was sued in 2014 for not disclosing this information to consumers. Now in 2016 If you purchase from a Distributor on the It Works website you will be given a warning of the lead and potential cancer risk. If you buy straight from a Distributor or another website you will not get this information . Most people don't know..DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT..it's not natural and has a potential to kill you in the long run . Blessings!