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Newman's Own Foundation | The Power of Philanthropy to Transform Lives - Newman's Own Foundation turns all profits from the sale of Newman's Own products into charitable donations.

  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Supporting Transformational Change - Our grants focus on four areas where we see the potential for transformational change through innovative and sustainable programs.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Find Inspiration - Find inspiration for how you can make philanthropy an everyday part of your life, from donating to an organization to volunteering at a non-profit near you.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | More than $350 Million Donated Around the World - Since 1982, when Paul Newman first declared, “Let’s give it all away,” more than $350 million has been donated to thousands of organizations helping people in need around the world.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Philanthropic Focus Areas - Our work begins with the belief that giving back is the greatest opportunity and the responsibility for making ours a better world.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Funding Guidelines - Newman’s Own Foundation has a proactive strategy to identify organizations that fit our funding criteria and meet our Focus Areas goals.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Grantmaking Approach - Newman’s Own Foundation is committed to using all of its resources as wisely as possible toward a better future, supporting meaningful, long-latest impact.
  • Newman’s Own Foundation | Organizations We Support - Newman’s Own Foundation supports organizations that demonstrate opportunities to make real and lasting change in the world.

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  • Andrea Powell - Awesome sauce

    Love this stuff. Will definitely re-order. Makes my skin super soft. I'm very white and there was noticable color after my 1st tanning. Would recommend to anyone.

  • oldned92 - Gets better every year

    I have been using this software for many years since it was Kiplinger Taxcut and am very happy with it. I used to buy a box from the store with the CD in it, but the past few years I have just been downloading the software direct from Amazon at a better price. Now it has added the capability to download all relevant 1099 data (including 1099-B stock sales to complete form 8949 and Schedule D) from Schwab and E*Trade so it is easier for me - I have to actually key in very little info. With the E-file feature I have been getting my refund direct deposited in about 2 weeks. Tax preparation now is really fairly easy and quick, as I never have to worry about reading the IRS instructions or keeping up on the latest changes. I will continue to use this software and recommend it.

  • Cecil J. Saunders Jr. - ESET NOD32: Best I've had!

    Well, it does what it says it will do. On the advice of my son, I used Version 5 for year on 3 machines. It did what it was supposed to do! I now have Version 7 (2014) on three machines and have ordered it for 3 more.

  • Nance_Pants - Good Quality Oil That Helps With Stress Relief

    I am such an avid essential oil user and am a firm believer in its abilities to naturally prevent some of the basic ailments (i.e. headaches, muscle aches, etc.). I've heard that Frankincense oil is wonderful for stress relief, and with the job that I have, stress relief at the end of the day is a necessity. I have an electronic oil diffuser that I use for when I need a lift both emotionally and mentally. With all of the essential oils that I've tried out, I've learned that a quality produced one not only smells better, but it also provides better results. With that in mind, and after learning about the benefits of Frankincense oil, I was hoping to be able to get my hands on one that would provide me with the stress relief and general mind-easing effect that I was looking for. The first night I used this, I decided to put a few drops into my oil diffuser in the bathroom so that I can bask in it while I took a shower. The scent of this is very strong from the bottle, but coming out of the diffuser in its fine, misty form, there was a nice citrusy and woodsie scent that engulfed the bathroom. That paired with the hot steam from the shower somehow did wonders in easing my mind. I turned off the diffuser at the end of the shower and let the scent linger. I loved that the scent was strong enough to linger in the air yet soft enough to help me relax. I have to say, and this is completely from experience from using it, that this bottle of Frankincense oil is top notch. It'll last a long time considering I only put about 4 drops into the diffuser and the aroma was strong enough. This is a highly recommended product from me. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up and you enjoy a bit of a woodsy/citrusy scent, this particular brand is the go-to.