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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Marc Daniel Eje - Amazing Vball

    My favourite volleyball so far. Great impact on the ball when hitting, and travels well. I highly recommend this ball

  • Bill Ison - Rental

    This is a rental book. The top right corner of the hardback was bent but the text itself is unmarked. I use this for tutoring class although I believe there are better Geometry text books available.

  • Rudy Pitte - Excellent!

    I purchased this product because it was less expense than a local purchase. Throw in the tax, cost for pickup and it makes this a great deal! Shipping was very fast. This is my second purchase and I'll continue to purchase from them.

  • John Guico - he loved it so much he bought his best friend one ...

    I didn't know if I thought it was working well so I tested it out with my father in law with about a dozen bottles...he loved it so much he bought his best friend one the next day

  • S. E. - This thing is great, better than a juicer

    I actually got mine from Target for $99 plus tax. I originally was looking at juicers then saw the infomercial for the Nutribullet. What I love about this is there is no pulp or waste. Clean up is super fast, just rinse it, 30 seconds, done. You CAN'T be too lazy for this. We have an old juicer, but it's a lot of work for a little juice. All the pulp, scrubbing the parts, forget it.

  • Nancy J Miller - Very easy to program

    Very easy to program...took like 2 minutes. Would have cost me $149 per remote at the dealership, instead pay $50 for 2. Great deal!