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  • MammaShopper - Good quality plastic

    Having a large family means tons of devices and a mess of wires. This charge port is a stream line way to keep things neat and organized and charged!

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    This this is amazing. It clears the nasal passages fast but without hurting or damaging the membranes inside the nose. The air flow is restricted to have a consistent air pull. It does the job fast which I like because holding my 2 year old down to draw out the congestion is no easy task. Comes apart easily. Can be challenging to clean if you don't rinse it with hot water immediately. I soak mine in hot water and vinegar for a few minutes and use pipe cleaner to get certain areas. Plastic does dull and become cloudy after a while, but I also used and washed it a lot. Would buy again and recommend it to anyone. (Tip: use saline solution in your little ones nose first to loosen up any mucus in there and it makes it much easier and quicker so your little one isn't squirming around upset for any longer than need be)

  • DesertDweller - Basic Cleanser

    With all the hype on TV regarding Cindy Crawford's beauty regimen, I was disappointed. For me and my skin, this product is not any different than Dove soap, meaning no differences in skin texture, etc. I would not recommend, nor would I encourage a person to not purchase, this item.

  • wilberfan - I've Never Struggled So Much with a Piece of Software in My Life

    We got this software so my mother could track her expenses, etc, for a piece of rental property she bought 6 months ago.

  • RPM 186 - Fantastic

    I have been using Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe software now for several years and this updated version id far and away one of the best pieces of software on the market. You are not limited in any way as long as there is a creative bone in your body and your mind has no limitations. Very easy to use and a pleasure to own! I cannot rave about this software enough - it is far and away the best!