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  • Gabrielle Serges Gafford - Good alternative to hair clubs

    I have been using this product for years. It is a good alternative to joining a hair club or expensive programs. I notice after even 1 month or so long straight hair sticking up out of my head. Most people's hair will fall out faster once you start using it which is stated in the instructions. My hair is thinning and falling out on the top and front, but the sides are fine. This product does only work on the crown of your head, it does not grow hair on the front. It also says that in the instructions so I was not expecting that anyway. The price is also better on Amazon than at brick and mortar retail stores.

  • Amazon Customer - The Classic is Great on Kindle

    I was worried about this being very useful in kindle format, but It comes in handy and is suprisingly easy to navigate and search.

  • Allie Potter-Gergel - Everyone's Dream

    I have read that someone was looking for a REAL amazon review, so here is one just for you! Back in 2009, My husband and I were young and had a young infant daughter to support. I was out of work from my 2nd trimester until my daughter was 6 months old and my husband was one of the unfortunate ones hit by the employment freeze. We tried hard to scrape by under the circumstances. He was looking through the classifieds in the newspaper and found this sales job and looked into it. He took the job to help make a little money. That's when I discovered Cutco. I as a woman who spends time in the kitchen, would be miserable if I didn't have my homemaker+8!!! It really does make the work easier. These knives are very durable and easy to clean. Compare the table knives to what you would buy at Wal-Mart or any other home store and you will never go back to the cheap set again. My mother has the old, wooden handled steak knives from when I was little (25-30 years ago) and I hate, hate, hate them. The plastic handled ones that my dad and stepmom have feel like they are going to break. The butter knives that come in a silverware set cant come close to the abilities of these knives!