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  • http://nu-roots.com/bio/ Samantha Peris Holistic Nutrition Biography - Oakville & Burlington Holistic Nutritionist, Samantha Peris and owner of nu roots nutrition. Here, we are devoted to teaching whole foods nutrition in an easy, friendly, non-intimidating way. We are continually striving towards achieving optimal health
  • http://nu-roots.com/testimonials/ nu roots nutrition Testimonials - Find out what our clients and followers are saying about nu roots and Holistic Nutritionist Samantha Peris
  • http://nu-roots.com/consultation/ Oakville Burlington Holistic Nutritionist Samantha Peris - nu roots - Oakville and Burlington nutrition consulting with Holistic Nutritionist Samantha Peris
  • http://nu-roots.com/blog/ nu roots blog - superfood mama blog - Healthy recipes, superfoods, women's health, pregnancy nutrition, children's health
  • http://nu-roots.com/no-bloat-spaghetti-boat/ no bloat spaghetti boat :: nu roots - Spaghetti squash is perhaps one of the best pasta subs out there. Not only is it gluten free, but this recipe is entirely grain free!
  • http://nu-roots.com/gluten-free-quinoa-chocolate-cake/ gluten free quinoa chocolate cake - Inspired by the quinoa 365 chocolate cake, altered to be lower glycemic, less allergenic and holistic nutritionist approved.
  • http://nu-roots.com/exciting-news/ exciting news - I have awakened from my 5 and a half month hiatus from my blog, thanks to the 5 month old love of my life, to tell you some very very exciting news.
  • http://nu-roots.com/just-breathe-october/ just breathe october - nu roots - I am writing this 4 days postpartum and the timing couldn't be more perfect for this month’s resolution. The theme of the month...just breathe.
  • http://nu-roots.com/what-is-holistic-nutrition/ what is holistic nutrition - nu roots - Perhaps you’ve heard of or ‘met’ a few of us online, but aren’t quite sure what we’re all about. Who are these crazy holistic nutritionists and what can they do for me?
  • http://nu-roots.com/new-recipe-september/ new recipe september - nu roots - Since I imagine it will be a rather busy month, I figured this was the perfect timing to introduce many of my clients favorite recommendation, one new recipe per week.
  • http://nu-roots.com/get-outside-august/ get outside august - nu roots nutrition - This month is all about the great outdoors. It’s August, one of the best months of the year, and we must use this opportunity to get outside each and every day.
  • http://nu-roots.com/banana-baked-oatmeal/ banana baked oatmeal - nu roots nutrition - It was time for a switch up of my regular oats routine so I decided to give baked oatmeal a try. I like how the eggs boost up the protein content a touch, and to me there is no greater smell than bananas baking in the oven, so this recipe was a winner in my books!

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    Caused hair shedding with first 6 weeks of use but then helped regrow new hair and slightly thicker. After 3 months got scalp irritation I don't know if it was related to product but most likely. Used T gel and Nizoral every 3 days to prevent scalp problems. Still effective product but will vary on user depending on what your genetically predisposed to with family hair loss.

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    This seems to work quite well. We've been using it for 1 month now and no fleas in sight. It does smell a bit, so it's best to use outside.