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  • Don Milton - Not Compatible wth iOS9!!!

    I was very happy with this until two problems arose. It is irritating that the BP cuff did not last a year and I had to pay for another -- and that one is now having the cheap Velcro wear out. The BIG problem is that after upgrading to iOS9.0.1 my phone (6+) will no longer connect to BP3 -- not even to get a charge overnight much less to take a BP measurement.

  • Mary Adams - works better than an exterminator

    We were living in Virginia in an apartment. We were getting roaches from another apartment and tried everything. An exterminator came and made no difference. We set out traps and were catching 5 or six roaches a night. Finally my mother-in-law from Texas told me that they use a spray called Bengal and that it works miricles. I had to order it online because they only sell it in the south (it's made in Louisiana). I ordered 2 cans. We sprayed the heck out of our whole kitchen. The roaches stopped coming in from under our sink. A few weeks later we sprayed again to take care of any eggs that may have hatched. This stuff has completely stopped the problem. We spray now every couple of months and I will forever swear by this stuff. Roaches are a hard problem to get rid of but this stuff does the job! I would give it more than five stars if i could.

  • Carole Semrow - Thyroid Support Gold for Cats

    Can't say enough great things concerning this product. If I had not found Thyroid Support Gold for my 17 year old cat she would not be here now. It was amazing how fast she responded to Thyroid Support Gold. In days she was acting like her old self. It's amazing for a cat of that age to respond so fast. Thank you for developing this product. I recommend this product to all cat lovers.