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  • Judith Sayland - but the list of exotic ingredients I counted was just too much - plus I had no "little Asian grocery" on my corner - too bad the

    You need to be a chef to use this cookbook - if you are a devoted fan of serrano chilies, dashi, chili flakes and kombu, then the offerings may dazzle you - however - I am an experienced home cook, who loves vegetables, but the list of exotic ingredients I counted was just too much - plus I had no "little Asian grocery" on my corner - too bad the recipes and banter were not more geared to the cook at home, rather than urban foodies with access to all esoteric items - stick with Bishop's excellent cookbook on vegetables, or Marcella Hazan's, "Essentials of Italian Cooking" - her chapter on vegetables is such a pleasure to cook from and learn - and she does want you to learn. To bad Mr. Meehan had no such intention.

  • R. Tsigelman - I like this baby vac

    I like this baby vac...the only downside is that it must go into your vacuum and there is no protection for the nasal discharge from rushing into the tubing and into the vacuum. I have to stop it before that happens. It has a collection area, but it doesn't stay in there or go in there, it goes all over and into the tubing...Does anyone have advise??

  • Swampy - Good for the money

    Looks to be identical to the OEM cross bars. I wanted to save a few bucks and figure I would give this a try. From what I read on Jeep forums the OEM cross bars are made of plastic as well and seem to operate and look the same.

  • B Rad - Great if you like to listen to static!!!

    I give it three stars because the antenna looks and fits great. I would give it zero stars for its reception. I got one local station to come in for about 45 mins of driving to work....and it was not a quality signal. Seller was great with their no hassle return due to reception quality. Issued me a return UPS label right away. I will try a different type.

  • bluek9 - Awesome stuff - Saves tons of time

    All I can say is that this stuff works (at least for me). I have a north facing side of a cedar home in Redmond WA. Over the last few years a noticeable amount of moss/algae had started to show around a 200 sq foot area of the cedar siding. I bought the .5 gallon and used just half of it (yes, definitely follow the instructions for 1-to-5 parts and you won't be sorry). I sprayed the mix as instructed on a nice cool evening and hoped for the best. The very next morning I checked it and the cedar was like new (well not quite but no moss any more). For my situation it worked that quickly. It did not stain the paint either. Like with any cleaning agent, make sure to wear eye goggles etc.