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  • spicy_papa - Very bad - I refunded the product (pending)

    I purchased the 2014 version and immediately after installing and then trying to download a Web Connect file from my bank's website the software crashed. I tried a couple more times and it kept crashing. Now I am trying to get a refund but cannot get anyone at Intuit to help. I call their support phone number listed on their website and it essentially hangs up on me. I tried many times to get help from their support site in other ways but the website leads me through a series of steps and then I end up with a page telling me that they are overwhelmed with requests, leaving me with no option to get help. When I specifically tried to use their website to answer my refund request questions, I repeatedly was taken to an article on check printing. I'm no dummy, as I've been a software developer for many years. I am increasingly annoyed by Quicken and now by Intuit as a whole. I'm not sure what's happening with this company but they are simply not what they used to be. I have been a loyal user of Quicken since the mid-90's but now I am seriously looking for other options for my money management needs. I hope I can find a product that allows me to import my quicken data and then I can simply move on.

  • dhiyu - recommended.

    It really works. In the beginning I am not sure that it would work as other product, but I was wrong. recommended.

  • AFC man - Avast = Worst customer service

    I purchased Avast Antivirus. I can't say much about the performance of the product because I could not get it to activate. I can however comment on their horrible customer service. WOW.....Rude, lack of knowledge, and a general unwillingness to help. I canceled my subscription and won't be doing business with them again. If AVAST management is listening. Check you Tech support phone records at 1PM EST 4/10/14 to see what I mean. You may have a great product but your tech support needs some work.

  • Elizabeth A. - Terrible.

    Biggest waste of money ever. This stuff tasted terrible, and I didn't lose 1 pound. I am an active 50 year old woman but because of a foot issue had to refrain from my usual running routine. I decided to try this program to lose the 15 pounds I packed on over the year. I followed the program exactly and I am very disappointed. The shakes tasted like vomit and you have to take 15 pills 4 times a day. I wouldn't recommend.